Above & beyond medals are bugged

Apparently neither Coop or Arcade count towards the medals but for some reason 5 Gnasher-eliminations counted somehow. That’s the only one that progressed so far, all the others haven’t moved past 0.

Good thing is, this won’t be fixed so I assume it’s safe to say the Smoke-set will be unotainable.

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those smoke sets can only be obtained doing achievements on pvp am i right ?

Gnasher Carnage – Deal 150000 Damage with the Gnasher (PvE or PvP)
Gnasher Body Count – Get 250 Eliminations with the Gnasher (PvE or PvP)
Ring Master – Capture 50 Rings in Versus KOTH or Escalation matches (Versus)
Above & Beyond – Complete 100 Rounds of Versus Matches (Versus)
Round Victor – Win 50 Rounds of Versus Matches
Victorious – Win 15 Versus Matches

Gnasher should count in PvP and PvE. Gonna do a quick Escape-run on Clock Gnasher only to see if one of them moves.

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I’ve been doing co op vs. AI and they’re all counting for me. Why does this work for some players and not others. Geeez!

Well, the Gnasher related medals counted in PvE now. Still doesn’t explain why none of the Versus-ones are tracking.

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Mine seem to be. Ugh, come on TC!

The fact that they want me to play KOTH or Escalation is a bug too… that set gets a pass from me just cause of that lol.


Put in a ticket. Give us details.

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