Above and Beyond Medal Glitched

You have to do an execution that gives you the coup de grace ribbon, then you gotta make sure you were the very last person to do an execution. The chainsaw and retro charge executions don’t count, so it has to be one of the “hold the b button” executions, see the ribbon pop and hope you were the last person to perform the execution kill.

It’s very possible it’s bugged, but based on you saying the chainsaw execution… I can tell you that def doesn’t count.

That was just an example plus there are the other examples I mentioned. I have done multiple exectutions from ripping arms off to the hated Batista Bomb and it just wont budge lol.

@SatinFlipper6 You are lucky to have 2 I can’t even get the damn thing to start counting. I am still on 0/3 lol

What’s the point in having 2 when I can’t complete the medal anyways?

The counter for me just won’t go up. This medal is bugged.

True enough but from my point of view it is better to just have to get 1 when it starts counting then it is to get 3. Its a real pain trying to execute someone at the end of a match because majority of the times I downed someone for the final execution someone else swooped in and finished them off before I could even get the B to go full cirlce lol

Yea, but like I said… the execution must pop the coup de grace ribbon. Are you seeing that pop?

Btw, I’m not doubting you have an issue here. I’m just asking if you see the ribbon and if you’re doing it in enough time before the end of the match. I’ve actually seen the ribbon pop while a match ended multiple times and those didn’t count, but it counted if I did it with 5-10 seconds left in the match and hoped no one else got the final kill but me.

An interesting fact: it counted up that challenge for me when I got the not so fast ribbon in a match from a gnasher gib. It was still the final kill in the match though.

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Just an update… I just played a guardian match. I was on 1 of 3 kills. During the 2nd round, I jumped over cover, kicking the enemy, which set up the ability to knife them. It was the last enemy alive. I knifed them, saw the coup de grace ribbon pop and went into round 3. I assumed it had to be the final kill of the match as an execution in the last round, but apparently that doesn’t matter, cause on the final xp screen, it showed my medal progress and now said 2 of 3. I checked the war hero tab after exiting the match, looked at the sending a message medal, and sure enough, it counted. So just so you know, it’s working. Idk if the recent update fixed it or if knife executions only work or whatever but I can 100% assure you it’s working as of 5:30pm eastern time, oct 27th.

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Ah brilliant this is great news. I shall start to work on my knife executions. Thanks very much for letting me know. Apologies if my previous comment seemed rude or dismisive lol. Its very hard to convey tone through comments lol. Thanks again.

Not a problem. No worries.

Also, It’s possible they fixed all executions but the first one I was able to perform (the knife execution) made the end screen medal progress pop up for me. Just wanted to make it known that the knife kill def works. Hopefully they all work. Anyway, good luck!

Just an update… the victorious medal now correctly shows 0/15 matches instead of 0/10, but… it’s still not updating (for me anyway). Can anyone confirm if it’s changed for them and if it works for them? Thanks!

I was awarded the Smoke Skins sometime last week, I think, when it was still showing 12/10 for me. Today, I noticed that it was showing 10/15 and acting like I don’t have the medal complete. Super weird.

Wow… that’s really strange. Well… at least you were able to get the set in time. I imagine this is the last week to unlock those skins, and ppl who didn’t get em will be out of luck, so it’s good you got em, even if the medal doesn’t show as completed for ya.

As for me, I’m just an idiot for not blasting thru all the “get 15 wins” in the beginning. Right when those medals popped up, I played enough to get up to 8 wins, but instead of just powering thru at the finish line, I held off. Next time I tried, the medal was glitched, so for me, it’s my own fault.

Well at least it’s starting to show an updated 0/15 for ppl, so maybe it’ll get fixed right before op5.

Anyway, Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it!

What’s even better, while I personally don’t care for the Smoke skins, is that I had the medal completed before it got bugged… and now the game thinks I haven’t completed it and has it at 10/15 progress.

Honestly, it’s not the end of the world if I don’t unlock em cause I had both sets of smoke skins in gears 4, but I just like unlocking free skins to make my collection larger, so any time I can get a whole set for free, I go for them.

Anyone happen to have screenshots of what they are currently seeing and are willing to share?

As obliged. Note that I am currently not in a position to verify if this is a visual issue or the game actually thinking I have not completed the medal yet when I previously did, before it became bugged, given the rounds medal that is not finished.


@TC_Sera, @AmicableWall421’s screenshot is what I’m seeing as well.

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Minor update in addition to my screenshot, winning a Coop vs AI match does not appear to move the Victorious medal counter, if that’s of any use.

Victorious will not move… I’ve done ranked, and casual and it won’t go any further than 10… Any tips/hits/tricks? :slight_smile: Pwease :slight_smile:

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So after many years of being on these forums, I didn’t search… #disappointedinmyself

Yeah, so I guess I have finished this it just doesn’t show it…

(After reading through this thread I figured it out…)