Above and Beyond Medal Glitched

Umm so I’m grinding the above and beyond medal for the smoke lancer and one of the objectives, win 15 matches, is bugged for me and says 8/10 matches won and has for a while. Ummm is there any fix known for this as I really want the skin?

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People have reported this a few times across several platforms, I reckon TC is aware by now.

Although you can submit a ticket at the support site too, it has a bit of a reputation of being slow with response times.

Mine was “awarded” during a versus match when I was doing my daily. It now says 12/10, but I don’t have then skins.

I put in a support ticket showing that the TOD has me at 6/6 medals completed wit no skins. I’ll see what happens.

As per this https://www.gears5.com/whats-up-october-1

"The good news is, starting today, we’ve added a new medal group called “Above and Beyond” with an all-new free Smoke weapon set reward for you to chase until we can update the game.

I do note that the only time frame given was that the update was likely in the last 2 weeks of October, and players actually had less time than this vague window.

I finished up the objectives today and received the skins. So it must just be bugged for some people. My victories did say 15/10 when I finished


Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

I completed all the Above and Beyond Medal challenges and I still haven’t received my ‘Lancer smoke’ skin reward yet. I think I completed this challenge 4 days ago and still have no luck in receiving my rewards.

Is anyone else also facing this same issue?

Yea, my “victorious” medal in the “above & beyond” smoke weapon set is bugged and showing 8/10 as well. All my other medal progress for the smoke skins are counting, but the victorious medal is the only one not progressing. It’s weird that it says 8/10 but the description says “win 15 versus matches.”

I just assumed by the way the article read that we had until op 5 to finish out the smoke skins, so I didn’t push myself since I’ve been doin the 10,000 gamerscore for the Xbox hall of fame thing. I jumped back on gears 5 to get some daily stuff done and noticed that progress is now stuck.

I’m wondering… did it always say “win 15 matches” or did that change cause if so, maybe that’s what glitched it out.

What game mode should I try to get 15 versus matches win for the smoke skin. I tryed every game mode and only got 2/15

Coop vs AI. Easy wins for everyone cause all you’re fighting is bots.

I been doing that but it won’t move its been stuck on 2/15

Is it ever 15 wins is a 1 out of 15

Oh, that. The medal is bugged. Can’t do much but wait for a fix. Sending a ticket in at the support site might help, but TC already know it’s a problem.

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Where do I send a ticket at

Support.gearsofwar.com, create a new request. If you can’t find it I’ll give you a direct link.

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Thank you

Hi Everyone,

I also have the same Problem i think i nearly won 20-25 Matches but Medal Stucks @ 9/10 (and it says you need 15 wins ?!?!?) Hope there comes an solution to this Problem. Made also a ticket on the Gears 5 HP.

I doubt sending in a support ticket will matter. If we have 3 weeks left in op4, I doubt they’ll even get to fix the medal in time now. I’m just accepting my fate that I won’t get that skin set now since TC are too slow to fix anything anymore (if at all).

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I hope you don’t mind if I tag one on here. Saves on making another medal thread.

Get the final kill with an execution 3 time in a Versus match.

This one just wont budge. I have chainsawed, pistol whipped, tore limbs and beat the face off players for the final execution kill and still wont budge. Is there something I am missing. Executions in Grid Iron, Koth, TDM, Arcade, Guardian and CO-OP vs AI and still no mevement on it.

Me too. I have been facing this problem for many weeks.

The counter is still stuck at 2/3 for me, and won’t progress at all.

Thanks for pointing out this issue, glad to know that I am not the only one who’s having the same problem.