About the slow movement

I’m sorry if I didn’t sent the feedback before, I had the draft ready for BETA tuning but I was lazy and didn’t finished so here it goes, I don’t like the new balance, I don’t like the movement, I’m regularly the most strategic player from my group of friends, so I’m not as mechanically talented as them I don’t wallbounce that much, don’t back A that much, but this two days I seen the best and the worst of what this new gameplay will bring, Camping and long distance lancering would be the norm from now on, like back to Gears 3 MLG days where the Team that won the “High ground” spot of the map won the round no contest.

When the game started maybe the weapons were too strong I get it, but when you stepped up for the movement from gears 4, I thought you had a rough gem in your hands.

So as to give you my feelings I will offer you some sentimental words: Angry, sad, unhappy, bored, frustrated.


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