About the skill level of ranked players

(iTiiDuS iNc) #21

After 2 years not playing I was ranked silver in koth. I only play this mode without a team.
Playing private a lot with mostly onyx players and can deal with them.
So if you tell a player since 2008 is silver and put him in matches with onyx people anyway, there is something wrong in the system.
I bet you anything any player playing solo in ranked doing 50% as good in ranking as he could otherwise.
A free for all mode would be awsome.
Is there any info about the update for Gears 4 I’m just downloading?

(Rundan) #22

Bug fixes and people below level 10 cant join Ranked matches


Wow! Diamond as a solo player. Impressive! I am one as well.(solo, not Diamond)

I think a squad only plays to your advantage if everyone on it is pretty good. So for example; I played on a squad a twice. The 1st was with a friend and his squad, the 2nd was with these random guys I met on Boss Rush.
The 1st time we beat everyone. It was TDM and we even went up against another squad and still won. It was fantastic. I could easily see how people got to be diamonds playing squads.

Now the 2nd time we only played 1 round of Execution (we tried Boss Rush twice, but we all hated it and left. I did eventually get the weapon skins though!) and I was by far the best player there., with at least twice the score as the next player, and several times I was the Last Man Out.

Now the first squad was certainly more serious, and their goal was to become Ds, whereas the other was a lot more casual. So I really think that It depends more on the nature of the squad then the squad itself.

(III EnVii III) #24

Squads don’t always equal Diamond.

My rank stays frozen when I’m with my squad - no matter how good I do.

I only see progress solo or in a 2.


True, but you do seem to decrease in rank faster on solo.

(III EnVii III) #26

Not for me - as long as you perform well, any loss in % is quickly gained back and more with wins.


Well, I am a fairly casual player, so there are a lot of times were I will loose a a game or two, and not play again for a week. So my loses seem quite detrimental at times

(Ghost Dog Zero) #29

FWIW. In guardian, i’m ranked gold 3. I only ever play that game type with a friend who is a onyx 3. Our ranks haven’t changed in years, even through reranks after season turns. We have near the same win/loss ratio. His k/d is only slightly higher (both positive). We tend to finish matches with similar scores. Since we face the same teams, it seems game type specific factors make the difference, I have more bagmen, but his ratio of rounds won as leader is higher than mine. I do see some movement based on that stat in that game type. Possibly kills as leader, too. That’s not a easy stat to track tho.

For koth, I only finished my 5 placement matches this season. I averaged 40+ kills, with one match reaching 98 kills and like 18 caps. Won every match. It gave me bronze 2. I don’t know what to tell ya.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #30

Guardian rank is mostly about kills, which is stupid. I consistently went to Onyx in Guardian and stayed there when I played the objective (just going after the leader). This season I played with very casual friends and did a lot of protecting the leader (which gets you a lot of kills). I went to Onyx 3 in just a few days. I wish they scored this mode based on objective (killing leader, staying alive as leader). 250pts isn’t a sufficient reward for staying alive as leader, IMO.

(AliceInChainsaw) #31

I agree.

I feel like the faster your team wins the round should be a factor as well.

(Omen LP) #32

100% agree… especially when you get to control the definitions of “dominate” and “outperform” :wink:

(III EnVii III) #33

If Gold players could outplay Onyx players… then they wouldn’t be Gold players, they’d be Onyx players…

(Krylon Blue) #34


I get where you’re coming from @Omen_LP but there’s a reason the Gold player can’t get out of Gold. I can’t think of a single Gold player that I’ve had an issue destroying consistently. There are Onyx players, specifically Onyx 3, that can be troublesome at times though.

(Mr Perkinator) #35

There’s many Onyx players than can outplay diamonds but they solo queue while that same diamond sits in a stack so then the Onyx will never beat the diamond despite being the better player

(III EnVii III) #36

I disagree with this.

I know a few solo playing Diamond players. I even know a couple of D5 players that do go solo quite a lot.

It’s all about performance. Whether you win or lose, doesn’t matter if you are constantly the top slayer in the matches.

Because when you do win, you will get boosted a lot more.

Playing in a stack can be difficult to rank up too - if not only easy to maintain your rank if your team is strong.

A Onyx that can sometimes outplay Diamonds is simply not consistent in doing so.

(Krylon Blue) #37

Gotta also remember an Onyx scoring higher than a Diamond in a random match doesn’t actually make them a better player. There are many factors in the overall score and in some instances I’m not even the best on my team by over 4000 points but I had as much of an impact as the top player did. The difference is my friend who finished higher was grabbing captures while crossfiring while I would leave the objective just before it’s capped to ensure the enemy had no chance to break it.

(Mr Perkinator) #38

I know players that sometimes get stuck in Onyx 3 in escalation when they are clearly better than half the people that are diamond in Esc, same goes for KOTH, I know many an onyx player that are better than diamonds but because the diamond sits in his stack he’ll never lose despite him facing better players

(SugarsCain) #39

I think there is a big gap between Onyx and gold to be honest, only speaking out of my own experience. Personally as someone who moves between the gold sub-ranks a lot I’m always saying “I got MVP and won the game why aren’t I onyx yet” However, when you face a team with 4-5 Onyx’s against you, you then see the difference in skill, they’re ale to hold down maps a lot better, and just fill in the gaps needed in a team. I’d love to be onyx but I do think I am a true gold player as I can beat other golds and silvers etc, however I only sometimes beat Onyx teams. I don’t think I’ll progress now till I either change my button layout or try and kick some ad habbits haha!

(Krylon Blue) #40

Kicking some habits is likely your best bet. Learning a new layout may help but it’s not a guarantee or even a necessity for some. My highest point was Diamond 3 and that’s with the default layout. I use an Elite controller for the feel but I don’t use the paddles so no difference there.

(III EnVii III) #41

The Diamonds, even in a stack have to perform well.

If they start doing bad consistently, then their Skill Rating will suffer.

The moment they lose a match, they will suffer big percentage drops.

Like I said, if your a clear cut Diamond - you will get it.

If your borderline O3 / D1 - then it’s a grind.