About the skill level of ranked players

Captures, breaks and kills. But if you continue to rush in and die you’re not getting that capture as often as you’d like to. I tend to rush in solo only when it’s a male or break situation that can end the match. Otherwise I’m waiting for my team so we can crossfire and send a few in to rush with grenades and Gnashers.

Don’t be one dimensional. Be willing to crossfire for your teammates if you’re in position to do so. Then rush in to help them when the situation calls for it. In the end it’s difficult to tell you exactly what to do because it’s all about survival while slaying/capturing.

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If they’re still winning games it won’t impact their skill rating too heavily, games played per season is a huge factor, someone with less played games can get to diamond easier, that’s why I struggle to rank up on loth because I’ve got 1000 games played yet I’m consistently the top slayer every game (while solo queuing) and yet my % barely moves when I do win(which is about 80% of the time)

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Your Skill Rating will take an impact if your being carried every game, regardless if your winning all the time.

While it’s true a fresh account can hit Diamond quick if your main account is high Onyx 3 / borderline Diamond,

It’s not impossible to still get to Diamond even if you’ve played vast amounts of games and stayed Onyx.

Yes it’s harder but Solo Queing and performing consistently will get you there, although any losses are very savage indeed.

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I’d add that losses are savage if you have a few games that you played poorly on, below what the system predicted for you. (even if those matches were wins)

Like… You normally are a rock star and then have 3 games you are bottom of your team but still win. Say the next game is a loss, even if you mvp on that one, you’re taking a hit for those underperformed matches.


Yeah, because Diamonds are always predicted to do well.

That’s probably the main difference between Very High Onyx 3 and a solid Diamond. A Diamond turns up every match, even on a bad one they still perform well.

I’ve seen it in my stacks, when we face D4/D5s, it’s hard to get a foothold in the match and a lot of the lower ranked guys tail off and can’t do anything.

Whereas when it’s kore balanced, a D1/D2 might be kept at bay a lot easier.

But in essence, I agree with what you said :+1:

I have a few Topics regarding this:


The Gap Between GOLD 3 and An Onyx 1 or 2 is wide, but nothing drastic. You’ll start to see a big skill gap between a GOLD 3 and Onyx 3. The Gap between Onyx 3 and D1 is wide as well. The skill gap between Onyx 3 and let’s say a Diamond 3-4+ is fairly large. Mind you, when I am mentioning this, I am talking about TDM.

But there’s a reason for this. Those who are diamond will get it, there’s no other way around it.

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Pretty much.

It’s just those that are unlucky and are borderline Diamond or perform very well but have off games are the ones who will feel hard done by because they just about fall short of Diamond.

That’s how I felt for 2 seasons. :smiley:

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I do perform mvp most of the time Solo,and i dont se anything ranking wise given to me. Im stuck at gold 2,even if i outperform maaany onyx players. i thought there was individual skill involved,so good players get recognized as good by the system. I personelly have started to feel maybe there isnt a system that that is implemented for skilled players,behind the scene.

As I said, getting MVP doesn’t always tell the whole story.

I focus on KOTH for my points as it’s my main mode.

I found the best way to rank up is to play with bad people on your team. With the way matching goes if you have at least one to two onyxs on you team that’s the level of competition you’ll play against. So if you have 3 trash teammates drag down the win percentage the games predicts for you, when you win it will start to rank up. The only other way is that your overall skill level has to be way above the other team. That’s my two theories on ranking up and they worked for me last season as I got 5 D5 and one D4


So what you’re saying, you essentially boosted yourself to Diamond 5 playing with trashcans and carrying against other low ranks…


gears gamers are desperate to do anything to reach a rank or unlock a character

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Gimme that dopamine hit!


You missed understood what I said your not going to play trash if you have a diamond or one or two onyx that would defeat the point. What your doing is basically lower the skill level of your team that way it looks as if instead of beating onyx 3 and diamond 1s, it would be as if you beating d4 and d5

I would be interested to know the correlation of K/D in relation to rank.
I know that is all subjective based on games played, but just as a rough indicator.

For example I’m 1.7 based 99.9% on ranked KOTH over around 1900 games. Highest rank achieved was Onyx 1. Current rank Gold 1, 75 odd %.

I can usually hold my own up to around Onyx 2, although my main failing is I’m very inconsistent. I think my “true” skill level is prob Onyx 1 but I just can’t get back to it, so maybe not!

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This is true. When I play with casual friends and carry them I rank up much faster than if I’m playing with diamond level friends and we get win after win because just one loss with them is devastating. When I’m carrying lower players, losses sometimes don’t even get counted against me.

I’ve a feeling k/d isn’t weighed nearly as much as points per game/placement in the lobby. My highest rank has always been Guardian where I might die 20 times just to get those leader kills. But, in modes where I’m very conservative with lives, I really don’t see my rank reflecting my KD.

After not playing much this season I played some TDM with a buddy last week my average match looked something like 10-3 with a ton of downs,while he’s usually more like 14-10 (lots of deaths). We generally placed equally on the score boards and both hit onyx 1 and onyx 2 on the same days. We joined up with some D1 through D4 friends and though I maintained a positive KD, even in matches lost, I was always lower on the board due to fewer kills and took a demotion. Next day I was back to scoring high in onyx-level lobbies and was ranked up again.

Really feels like your placement in the lobby is far more important than k/d.

Which you can easily manipulate.

Get 4 Diamond friends to make brand new accounts.

When they reach Onyx 1 - they just make new ones.

You’ll be Diamond yourself in no time.

I’ve seen silver and bronze players out perform me and I had to work hard to get to gold tier 3. I don’t always think it is down to skill though. I notice that a laggy room or low/high ping can make a big difference on performance. Often playing against players with a ping ranging in the 50 mark kick my ■■■ when my ping is about 25 but then when it drops to about even they can’t touch me. I’ve outplayed diamond tier players and been handed a beating by bronze ranks which makes me wonder if these bronze players deliberately staying at a low rank by quitting out of games on purpose.