About the skill level of ranked players

Playing solo does help boost your rank a lot if you play consistently and get in wins more often than losses.

It’s the only time I see big gains in %.

I don’t really judge skill based off ranks, mainly because the people I play with struggled to break into Diamond on Escalation while I got it no problem. I would say they’re better players than me, but the ranking system just favoured me.

The ranking system also can’t notice the intricate things that occur during a match. Sticking with Escalation, a guy getting one kill at the start of each round could be the reason why your team wins the power weapon. Or someone could throw a perfect smoke that stuns three people which is why your team wins that fight. Things like that are part of the many reasons why I don’t judge someone off their rank.


I finally hit onyx 1 imat 33%towards onyx 2…won 4 out of 5 matches yesterday 2 of which the other team was higher ranked and not 1% was added to my progress wat the hell is going on coalition.?? I getting bulljived its stillon 33% …theres no excuse 4 that period!


Depends on the mode too.

I’m D3 in KOTH but think it would take me more time than I am willing to spend to get as close as 95% O3 in TDM, for example…

Hell… I’m a bronze 2 in Arms Race lmao… (but that is mostly lack of games… i only placed in it. Don’t have the patience to wait for it to find a match)


A lot of it is situational. I’ve seen plenty of diamond players who consistently lose 1V’s with me if we’re fighting on the side of the map but most of the time, they are working with teammates who cross me out and they win their matches. Those kinds of players are diamond because they have better teamwork. Solo, they might not be.

I’ve also seen golds will with decent skill who don’t rank up because they don’t play the objective and their teams lose.

There’s also connection issues. A lot of people don’t want to hear that but for me, the quality of the connection is everything. This season I soared past any pervious ranking highs in just a few days because the connections were good on those days. Most of the time though it feels like I’m fighting against the connection as much as the skill of the other player.


I appreciate the feedback. But I would humbly request that you keep the conversation in the spirit of the topic; namely, the different skill sets for between the ranks.
The ranking system itself is certainly frustrating at times, enough so that TC dedicated an entire thread to this [Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback

Thank you😁

Exactly the same here in terms of Arms Race. I’m honestly not sure why they brought it back.

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Nevermind my opinion dont matter anyways peace

Nah man, your opinion matters. I’m just trying to keep the thread on topic. But I do agree that the ranking system can be ridiculous

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I just realize the topic i was reading the other threads yeah man theres was a player on silver 3 and every1 else in the game was onyx and above and he
destroyed …he doubled up everyone in kills and caps

There are many different skill sets required to be a “good” player. Gold level players typically can do some of these skills well (eg. Gnasher fights) but suck in other skills. Onyx players will be good in more skills, and not “suck” at anything in particular, just that they are weaker in some areas. A diamond player will be good at everything and amazing at most things.

That’s the difference. A gold player can be an amazing support that plays tactically for the objective, but put them in a 1v Gnasher fight and they get bodied. Or they could be amazing at 1v’s but have no game awareness and make bad decisions that cost them the game. And onyx player basically has fewer weaknesses.


I think that is especially true when it comes to power weapons. Weapons such as The Longshot, Dropshot, Embar, etc… take a lot of practice to be able to use, let alone use to your advantage. So because of this you will have onyxes and Diamonds the most well balanced players in terms of weaponry.

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I get what you’re saying but gotta disagree about needing to be good at everything to be diamond. Most of my Diamond friends are simply brilliant gnasher players. They rarely use a lancer and are not great strategists. They have more of a “montager” style and they sometimes lose to Gold level players with a good lancer cross.
I’ve also run into some really good, diamond-level players who have incredible aim and smart strategies, but a pretty weak shotty game because their movement isn’t great.

That’s one thing I like about this game, the diversity. Although it’s a bit gnasher-centric, everyone can excel in their own way.


I would say anyone who’s in Diamond are probably big gears fans and play a lot. When it comes to Onyx and all the ranks below it I feel like almost anyone can get into them so ya, the larger gap would be Onyx to diamond rather than Gold to Onyx. I got into Onyx just playing casually. But diamond I had to grind for it.

It really depends if you’re a solo player or someone who lobbies up with people. I wish there was an exclusive solo rank that was based off of a different formula. Too many matches I get teamed up with the worst people that just throw every match. I’ll pull positive K/D’s and play the objective and still lose matches due to an incompetent team. But I guess part of that is my fault playing alone competitively. Too bad I’m an introvert. If I rolled out with a full squad every match getting diamond would be a joke.


After 2 years not playing I was ranked silver in koth. I only play this mode without a team.
Playing private a lot with mostly onyx players and can deal with them.
So if you tell a player since 2008 is silver and put him in matches with onyx people anyway, there is something wrong in the system.
I bet you anything any player playing solo in ranked doing 50% as good in ranking as he could otherwise.
A free for all mode would be awsome.
Is there any info about the update for Gears 4 I’m just downloading?

Bug fixes and people below level 10 cant join Ranked matches

Wow! Diamond as a solo player. Impressive! I am one as well.(solo, not Diamond)

I think a squad only plays to your advantage if everyone on it is pretty good. So for example; I played on a squad a twice. The 1st was with a friend and his squad, the 2nd was with these random guys I met on Boss Rush.
The 1st time we beat everyone. It was TDM and we even went up against another squad and still won. It was fantastic. I could easily see how people got to be diamonds playing squads.

Now the 2nd time we only played 1 round of Execution (we tried Boss Rush twice, but we all hated it and left. I did eventually get the weapon skins though!) and I was by far the best player there., with at least twice the score as the next player, and several times I was the Last Man Out.

Now the first squad was certainly more serious, and their goal was to become Ds, whereas the other was a lot more casual. So I really think that It depends more on the nature of the squad then the squad itself.

Squads don’t always equal Diamond.

My rank stays frozen when I’m with my squad - no matter how good I do.

I only see progress solo or in a 2.

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True, but you do seem to decrease in rank faster on solo.

Not for me - as long as you perform well, any loss in % is quickly gained back and more with wins.

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Well, I am a fairly casual player, so there are a lot of times were I will loose a a game or two, and not play again for a week. So my loses seem quite detrimental at times

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