About the return of Control

So, TC just recently revealed that Control will return as a quickplay playlist and would be replacing Koth there. I wanted to give my thoughts on this.

I really liked Control when it was an event playlist and I still am eager to play it. However, I was hoping for it to become a ranked gametype and possibly replace Koth once the problems with the gametype hae been resolved. Imo, Control is better than Koth and potentially better suited for ranked because setting up defense around the ring is a bit more difficult when you need to have a player inside the ring as well.
Of course, whichever gametype is truly better is a matter of opinion. This is just my pov and the reasoning behind it.

Also, I’m a bit surprised that they’d just remove Koth from quickplay. Why not just have both Koth and Control come up in the voting within one playlist?
I don’t play quickplay much so I can’t say which gametype is the favorite out of the two within the dedicated quickplay community, but surely it wouldn’t hurt to have both in one ring-based gametype playlist. In ranked matchmaking having both in a single playlist wouldn’t work for obvious reasons, but it’d be perfectly doable in quickplay.


I don’t think KOTH will ever be replaced as it’s a classic and by far the most played/competitive mode in Gears.

I think they moved it from quickplay because control is similar and you can’t have to modes that are alike in the same category. I like the move as I think KOTH should be exclusively a ranked mode.

KOTH is more than just capturing the ring; the matches in control could go by quick since you’ll win so long as your team has a player dedicating to capping no matter what.

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It doesn’t need to replace king as it’s a different mode with different rules

They need to make it more unique though, zones instead of rings and it’s own sounds.

I’m glad to see the back of koth in quick play. We want variety and it seems quick play will be the place to be for that. Ranked is hella dull.

They’re definitely pushing control though and I’m glad. It’ll probably be in ranked in operation 7.

Both can go by quick tbh if one team dominates. And honestly, I like both Koth and Control. But I like Control better for the reasons I said before. I put my reasoning very bluntly though, as I already made a lengthier feedback post about Control when it was being tested and I’d rather not go further into that over again. I touched on the match length there too. Simply put: the match length could be adjusted by adjusting score and round limits.
But I realize Koth has a strong established following and I find it unlikely to be replaced in ranked. Control is better in my opinion, though.

I wouldn’t call Koth a classic, however. And I don’t see any harm having both gametypes in quickplay even if Control never became a ranked gametype. Besides, Koth has been a quickplay playlist as long as it has been a ranked one.

Alright at this point I’m gonna try to speak this into existence.

Replace TDM with a playlist containing Control, Exe 2.0 and Esc 2.0. Keep the 2 max party rule. This playlist would have so much replayability, you could market it as the eSports playlist or go the opposite direction like — it would be so much fun and so unique.

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ill take arms race over TDM at this point lol

Tbh TDM is like my favorite playlist but I’d happily sacrifice it for this.

I liked it in UE, despised it in 4 and 5.

I would rather not have max party size of 2 in an objective playlist, but I would love a ranked playlist with Esports gametypes/settings. I played a ton of Escalation in Gears 4 and I’m kinda missing that competition.

Baird, I mean Control is back.

You again lol. Nice one :+1:

This is probably going to sound so stupid to you but I swear TDM plays out like more of an objective gamemode than koth/control does.

You’re right. It does sound stupid to me :stuck_out_tongue:
I never liked Tdm tbh. Bores me too much. On a side note, one of the reasons why I preferred Control over Koth is the heavier focus on objective.

In TDM it’s about getting map control/weapons, those are your objectives except they’re not literally on the map so not everyone knows to play for them. At least in koth/control/esc people are generally of the mindset like “Go to ring, stand in ring, kill people around ring” lmao. Like even if you’re explicitly playing for kills in one of those three modes you’re gonna wind up around the rings anyway.

Map and weapon control are a part of Koth too though. How much they’re a part of it depends on the map. Foundation for example has a strong emphasis on map and weapon control while on the other hand on Asylum it’s not as important (still a part of the match, though. But not as significant).

plenty of people asking for the same thing the day it launched.

having KOTH and TDM in both Quick and Ranked is what really needs to be changed. it’s redundant and never needed to be.

if TDM is never going back to full squads in Ranked then remove it and put another mode like Guardian, Gridiron or Execution 2.0 that does.

That is a valid point now that I think about it. I haven’t played quickplay (except for Guardian and event playlist) in ages though so either way this change wouldn’t affect me a bit. It just sounded like a weird move to make at first.