About the new tuning and Escalation

I am really enjoying the tuning. To me it feels a lot like Gears UE but smoother.

The previous tuning had its charm, for sure. But to me the game lacked the tension (or whatever you wanna call it) that Gears titles traditionally have had when playing at higher levels because players were flying around the map. This new tuning feels more like traditional Gears to me.

Escalation feels good too. Escalation 2.0 was the perfect 5v5 competitive mode, but was too complex for playing with random team mates in matchmaking. The new version is simple enough to play solo. I hope this gametype picks up momentum and can eventually be made a ranked playlist in the future.


Escalation could be good but being 4v4 it’s absolutely shocking and action less. Bored me to tears after one game so I won’t be back on.

It’s a game more that could potentially even be 6v6 to me cos of so many rings to defend/attack

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Well… It escalated NOT quickly!?

I detest this escalation. Just give me a simple domination game like judgement had. I don’t want the slow weapons selection in between rounds.

Won’t be playing again. I’ve never been so bored playing a domination game mode. Also dominations conditions shouldn’t be able to happen unless it’s 4v4. I’ve started a match and the populated team has been 3-0 up before I had three team mates!

In fact I’d like that condition removed completely. I used to love turning those around in judgement.

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