About the new skins

anyone else disappointed over the gearsball skins all being common? they’re not worth scrapping at all if you get duplicates which is very likely the more you play they could have at least made them rare

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They are not worth getting period…the game mode got boring after wave 3 for me and i scrapped my 4 I got and I will not be trying g this lame mode again

Disappointed with the whole event.

Unecessary at all.

Would have been worth playing if it was for the last 3 Midnight Omen Skins.

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Thankfully Coalition didn’t attached Midnight Skins to… THAT.


Thankfully? Are you serious? It’s been like 3 months since the last Omen challenge and rumor has it they aren’t even releasing the last 3 until they become craftable when Gears 5 drops.

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Umm because it’s been months since they’ve offered them and I want to complete the set. Yeah rumors tend to be ignored unless someone from TC says it themselves on stream, which is exactly what happened. Think a little, friend.

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Not desperate here pal.

THANKFULLY I won’t have to play that nonsense for those skins.

Good gossiping for you. Don’t really care about it.

Think a little, friend.

I completely agree, IMO (and from what I’ve heard around) the skins are unattractive (ugly af to put it bluntly) and the whole event is a bore fest.

Exactly. Who the hell wants a soccerball and field weapon skin?

Ugly as hell.

I thought the same about the American football skins. And, my friend thinks the same about my black steel Myrrah (old dominatrix he calls her). But, variety what it’s all about. Not everyone likes the same things and these people who throw a fit over everything that doesn’t specifically suit them just have to get over it.

I haven’t even seen the new skins, even though I think I earned one, but I’m not going to be bothered if they aren’t my cup of tea. Not everything is going to please me. That’s ok.