About the medic lancer damage boosts

Is it true what some people have told me regarding the medic lancer damage boosts also affecting the GL entirely? Not just the ballistic damage but also the explosive launcher damage as well…is this true? And if so why does it not feel as strong as I thought (besides the obvious comparison to Demolition and Tactician) am I doing something wrong?

Because Combat Medic has no bleeding effects. It’s still very strong against Scions or fluffy boss enemies like Flocks or Carriers.

To my knowledge, yes it buffs also the grenades but I haven’t played Combat Medic for a long time.

Yes, it does. The AR damage perk affects it as well.

The main reason for it’s perceived weakness as said by CommanderCH above me is mainly down to the bleeding effect on the Tactician and Demolition classes. The Grenades are super strong and the CM can output a lot of damage with the GL. Plus the Tactician can spam GL’s, albeit not to as great effect as before.


Hmm so the combat medic can do better with GL than the veteran?

Technically, the GL has more damage under the CM than it does under the Veteran. The CM gets the 60% base and 30% active benefit with that card, as well as the base 30% damage boost on all AR’s. Not to mention that the custom lancer card on the CM is a common card, but it is rare on the Veteran, making it easier to upgrade.

The CM has the strongest GL on wave 1 than any other class in the game.

If damage is what you are looking for, then the CM is the best. The Veteran will be able to have an extended mag and less recoil (outside of the Ultimate that is).

Technically, Demo has a stronger one if Bullet Boost is used but that isn’t always there.

What about Anchor with 350% boost? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh yeah that’s right.

Is this why you are OP? :joy:

I could swear that when the Veteran rifle card was changed to cover every “Lancer” that the devs said on stream it was only for Veteran and not for Medic or JD (remaining specifically for Lancer and GL Lancer, respectively)

But I stepped away from Gears in Dec 2020. So things may have changed, since then.

I hate this stupid (imo) micromanagement of cards, perks, and passives, where some things only apply to some classes, for some weapons, even though they should apply to all, based on the description…

A mile long list of stupidities (things like trishot: sometimes it IS a ballistic weapon, other times it is not). Assault rifle perk: sometimes it boost GL rockets, sometimes it doesnt.

Etc, etc…

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Get me a list of all the inconsistencies and we can try and do a centralised post clarifying stuff? :smiley:

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What about Ghostmelee? Very inconsistent.


Absolutely agree. Why can I bleed enemies with grenades as nomad, but not with a mulcher or trishot? Makes zero sense.

Just for my own sanity…you mean +250% damage right?

300% is possible with the damage perk, ult and Bullet Chain at 200%. Not sure where a 350% figure would come from.

50% by firing through the barrier + 200% via landing 4 headshot kills with Bullet Chain previously + 50% damage perk + 50% headshot damage perk (considering you land a critical hit with the Boomshot).

I thought we were talking about wave 1 damage with gl lancer specifically.

Is there any update on this? I’m curious about this list of strange anomalies like the ones mentioned in this thread.