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Seems very good from the little gameplay shown.
Can’t wait to see more👏

It looks good but is it going to be on xbox?

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That’s what I want to know, after that little bit of gameplay it actually looks really good. But I’m going to be pretty bummed if it isn’t on Xbox.


I hope so too, but I wouldn’t mind if it’s a time d platform exclusive though.

Making there own game a timed exclusive would be backward.

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Can’t imagine the pc base is big enough to justify an exclusive like this, so I’m sure console will see it at some point.

Lots of pc people felt alienated by Gears 4, so IMHO this probable timed exclusive is a peace offering.


Totally agreed, can’t wrap my head around the logic of doing a pc only game when GoW has never been successful on pc.

I’m gonna give this a try, when released.

Hi all, closing this thread as it’s meant to only be the description of this Gears Tactics Forum Category.

Let’s discuss about the game in other threads created by YOU! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hey Embry, all,

Thanks for your passion for the game!

We were excited to share the news at E3. With Gears Tactics, our focus is on building a true Gears PC experience that fans have been asking for.

Stay tuned for more details about the game when we are ready to share them. Thanks!