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(anon86589457) #1

Discuss this new Gears experience coming to mobile devices with a Funko Pop! twist

(Teady Bearz) #2

YES! YES! YES! I’m absolutely brimming with glee! I could never have asked for more! Its the gift i didn’t even know i wanted! Who cares about the other stuff, THIS is the highlight of E3 by FAR!


This is not even in consideration of buying


Probably won’t have to buy it… likely to be F2P.

(Royce Batty) #5

Don’t play too many mobile games but this looked kinda fun. :crossed_fingers:

(Cz Turko) #6

And they have not thought of an APP (android and IOS) where we can review our history, in all the games of gears, buy packs, get a lot of information about our beloved game, curiosities of our favorite characters, ETC. A world of possibilities. =)

(Slipping Flames) #7

Wonder what rating this game will have?

Obviously pandering to the younger crowd in hopes of moving merchandise. I’m sure I’ll try it. My son thought it was cool.

(anon86589457) #8

Hi all, closing this thread as it’s meant to only be the description of this Gears Pop! Forum Category.

Let’s discuss about the game in other threads created by YOU! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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