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Feed me more!!!

Happy the characters seem more mature.
Also new enemies looked sexy.



This is great. I hope to see some of the core issues corrected

Not sure how I feel about this game yet.
Gonna wait and see more before I make a decision on what I decide to do with my wallet.
I will say though that the story trailer left me both interested and dissapointed. I am truly on the fence. So I guess I will have to see more. However. I am looking forward to seeing gameplay and more talk about Gears 5 as time goes on.

Also, Xbox did a helluva good job at E3 this year. I really enjoyed it.

I wasn’t even disappointed, not one bit. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for showing the Story Trailer, it was amazing and spot on. :+1:
2019 feels like it’s gonna be long wait…

Hi all, closing this thread as it’s meant to only be the description of this Gears 5 Forum Category.

Let’s discuss about the game in other threads created by YOU :slight_smile: Thanks!

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