About the AI in versus mode

Why the AI doesn’t play like the predecessor games???

I wanna play with an AI as the before games, like gears 2, the game had a powerful IA in insane dificult, that can evade long shots bullet in the battle field.

In Gears 5 doesn’t make anything…

AI Doesn’t take weapons from the floor.
AI Doesn’t use other weapons, just Lancer.
AI Doesn’t run, doesn’t use a strategies to fight agaisnt you or other AI.
AI Doesn’t form duos/trios/quartets/full team to attack the player…

The AI doesn’t make anything in versus mode!!!

What happen???

I understand that the AI play slowly in other game modes like the Campaing, Horde or Escape ('cause the character obtain power ups in each dificult), but, the AI doesn’t play well the game in versus mode…

Really, what happen??? Is that and error or is a an strategie to do the game “friendly” to new polayers???