About Horde (50 wave) mid-game being uneventful

I think there’s a difference between falling into the rhythm of the match flow and being bored out of your mind. When there’s literally just 50 different Drone and flusher enemies spawned in for 3-4 waves whenever a wave set starts in a 50, that gets tedious rather quickly. The Guard and Lambent waves are especially guilty of this despite the fact that they can spawn Buzzkill and Ice Scions early on.

I certainly can’t argue against The Tedium Of The Flushers (coming soon to Netflix). Especially the fear-ignoring, tap-fixated Leeches and their ability to begin their unstoppable mantle “kick” animation from 5m out and faster than your own animation to step off cover.

Though in some ways we probably make it worse because AFAICT the game favors spawning more of the same enemy type that you kill since you bump into apparent Scion number limits & the like, even with waves that allow them and have sufficient “enemy pool” left. So constantly killing flushers can just lead to an even longer constant stream of them.

I haven’t actually counted it, but I wouldn’t be particularly surprised if you face close to the same number of those same enemies in Frenzy compared to 50s. It’s just that you face them more quickly and with the more variety mixed in due to the compressed “schedule”. It’s an interesting thought experiment whether that would still devolve into a similar tedium if you did that for 2 hours straight per match.

Probably a lot of factors go into the boredom. 50 waves means 50 build time periods “dragging” things out. Many people want to skip and not just for speed runs. I’m personally fine with skipping if everybody’s “done”, but I really detest the mandatory no-build-time Mania mode, because even if you don’t have an engineer, there’s still value in tap claiming, energy collection, restocking, and frankly, just relaxing your controller hands (think a Kestrel is obnoxious? definitely don’t want the final boss to be R.S.I. :slight_smile: ).

Not sure I caught that one. But I don’t find the flusher spam to be as bad in Frenzy as Scions and stuff spawns in a lot quicker due to the shorter match length.

Sorry, RSI = Repetitive Stress Injury or Repetitive strain injury - Wikipedia. “A repetitive strain injury (RSI) is an injury to part of the musculoskeletal or nervous system caused by repetitive use, vibrations, compression or long periods in a fixed position.” I see they list “PlayStation thumb” and “raver’s wrist” (?) as examples, but for some reason not “Repair Tool trigger” trauma or “ghost melee-ers grip”…

Frenzy’s definitely more wall-to-wall action, flushers or otherwise. The two bosses you mentioned earlier is another big part of that “feel”. If we had more boss variety, and multiple could start spawning in later waves, that would help 50s, too.