About Horde (50 wave) mid-game being uneventful

For those of you who do 50 waves, what is your opinion of “mid-game”? (I’ll define that arbitrarily here as maybe wave 21 to 40.)

For typical runs, you’re past the risk of the early limited base (perhaps best evidenced by most deposit-demand lobby titles not going this ridiculously high of a wave count), and you’re not yet to the “surprise” 2.5x poisons increase of wave 41. Assuming your roster has been stable, you’ve gotten a sense of how others play their roles & lanes. You’re perked meaningfully. Basically, these waves tend to settle into a routine and failures seem relatively rare.

I don’t remember for sure but don’t think there are enemies that only start appearing in those waves, so there’s nothing “new” to fight beyond the overall DB/Lambent/etc. wave set shuffling. About the only things of concern/risk tend to be fliers when unprepared or a fortification-destroying boss wave that may force a reset of your engineering.

I used the word “uneventful” in the title to try to avoid starting out with a value judgement of something like “boring” vs. “the stress-free fun social part of a match”. So which do you find it? If it’s too boring, what would you want changed? New enemies? Different poisons? Newly available fortifications or perks? Random single wave objective/challenges + crate drops a la Horde 3.0?

I just think 50 waves is too long without some random element being brought into enemy spawns, often stops entertaining me by waves 25-30. It has always been an issue in TC games that they make wave spawn patterns extremely predictable and stale in the long term because you can basically always predict what spawns, with a few minor exceptions.

Plus it only spawns one boss per wave which is lame too. Or I’ve just been spoiled by playing Frenzy.


i never play 50s as its boring as hell and i couldnt put up with randoms for that long.

I would be cool if every x amount of waves there was a change in the map, emulsion flood, a windflare or it got dark with kryll spawing and reduced visibility or perhaps a boss wave had a different set of RANDOM mutators.

The system back 4 blood has is quite good, some enemies will have armoured plating, more mutations would spawn.

As @AmicableWall421 said TCs spawns are quite boring, having random mutators activate would/could change this, but then theres the different types of horde.

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I personally think that the difficulty only begins to ramp up from 31 cos of the progressive damage mutator, and even then it’s not that bad compared to the 2.5x one from 41 upwards.

The thing with the mid-game period is that regardless of how you play (strict depositing to build or a more flexible approach) by this stage your base will have been built, you typically have a nice reserve of money, and it’s easy to hunker down and you’re safe. It’s only when the enemy damage tops off where things can get sticky.

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Some unpredictable Spawns of certain Enemies (Kantus,Bloodmounts ect) would be nice in the next Horde Mode.

The Only time when i get bored during a 50 is during Lambent waves no matter if it’s during 1-10,11-20,21-30,
31-40 or 41-50 it’s always a snoozefest.


I hope in the next game theres a mode variant that has truly random enemy spawns every single wave with 12, 25 and 50 wave options.


Didn’t Gears 4 have “bounties” that dropped or showed up occasionally? Things like “get x head shots”, etc.
Played it to death but forgot how that worked. But it was something to at least add a bit of randomness.

Yea, there were challenges in Gears 4.

Maybe 6 will have some sort of challenge/supply drop system.


Why TC never brought the “Anything Goes” format where you could have effectively random spawns for everything(though bosses were excluded from spawning in normal waves) from Gears 4 back is beyond me. That was some of the most fun I had playing that game and I’m 90% sure they used that both for the Frenzy and Mania event modes which were 25 waves(as with Mania in Gears 5, that one also had basically no build interval in 4).

Like, as an example, it could spawn a Boomshot Scion or a Tracker only on wave 1. The limit for flyer enemies spawned at a time then was 3 iirc, though introduced a short while after the introduction of said mode.


And alot of the enemies in gears 5 arent even in the roullete mode. Which makes no sense.

Sounds fair, I think this is why Epic went with Survival for J. Even on easier skill levels that mode gets pretty intense very quickly.

I used to love (still love) runs to 50 on 2.0, but the lack of players and freetime stops me from playing that now, but if you want a more “exciting” 50 waves I fully recommend Horde 2.0…The KING of co-op :+1::facepunch::trophy:


I personally enjoy survival much more than horde. As you said, it gets intense quickly, but like horde, the spawns were very predictable(bloodmounts wave 6, serapedes wave 8, etc.). The fact that 1 game of survival is only 25-30 minutes is also a big factor in how fun it is.

Unpopular opinion, but I’d rather see a survival 2.0 with more maps, classes, enemies(maybe even have bosses in some way). If the rumors of a possible overrun 2.0 coming are true, a survival 2.0 would make sense.

I prefered AG over the regular 50s in Gears 4, in general it feelt like it had more Big Enemies and less flushers and also some of the Enemies were not even present in the regular 50s (e.g Oppressor D1’s and Salvo Scions)

The games desperately need more of a balance between flushers/drone types/creatures/heavies in all the waves. Leech waves take forever.

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I also hate how many freaking Trackers spawn sometimes :rofl:

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When my team plays CQ classes only, I always say “please let it be stumps on wave 45.” Instead we get sentinels :neutral_face:


yupp, sounds familiar :grin:

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4 had the same problem in regular Horde. Spawned way too many Juvies and Trackers.

What I enjoy the most about 50s is the fact that waves 11-40 are predictable and the enemies ability to damage you isn’t too high.

You can get into sort of a routine, even cross into that flow state and just merk everything wave after wave.

Frenzy you only get 8 waves before you have the 2.5 mutators.

With most classes the 2.5 mutators really necessitate changes in your gameplay.

In regular horde you can challenge yourself playing a more forward position or if cqc pushing and playing super aggresive. But as soon as 2.5 kicks in, what often worked before wont work now. It’s kind of a sharp change and kind of lame but it is what it is.

I agree lambent waves are really trash and it would be nice if there was more variety to the game mode.


Horde 2.0 was good, but the fixed fortifications bugged me. They were better-- clearly rolling with the 1.0 player-discovered Boomshield mechanic-- but all-in-all still too limiting for me to “GOAT” 2.0.

One of my fondest gaming memories was the first time completing 1.0 Wave 50 and the sense of accomplishment after 2 hours. It still feels satisfying that way, but clearly some of it is just due to the sunk time cost, and I agree with others that it’s hard to be able to spend that much dedicated time very often.

50s shouldn’t go away; they’re iconic. Also, if engineering, IMO you can’t really get very interesting base setups done in time in a 12 wave Frenzy. (I don’t mean needing to replicate those novelty stadium-crowds of decoys / 400 barriers people have shown :slight_smile: , just something more than the uncreative minimal chokepoint setups). So 50s need to stay supplemented with 1 or more shorter modes.

This. Unsurprisingly, most are calling it boring but I’m not especially annoyed by the “zen” part of it. I game for fun so I don’t need to have insane stress levels and adrenaline 100% of the time.

I do run for the Fabricator/encourage the engineer to not AFK at the beginning of the match, and am not thrilled with thumb-twiddling during Lambent-on-Locust violence, but leaving the last enemy alive and not skipping countdowns also have their place. If forced to choose, I’d rather have the thumb-twiddling than less enemy variety. Adding even more enemies and having some that only appear in later waves would be my bare minimum recommendation for the tedium concerns.