About future gears of war collaboration

believe it or not i didn’t watch this up until a few weeks ago because i knew how it was looks unfitted to gears franchise ( it’s fine someone liked it ).
i’m gonna name a few phenomenal and memorable collaboration that TC needs to took notice.

misha mansoor ( from band periphery ) - Halo 2 Anniversary

Steve vai - HALO 2


paul mcCartney - DESTINY

misha mansoor - Deus ex

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Periphery (band) dropped their new song and they were inspired by hades while recording P5 (their fifth album ), as i mentioned above they already collaborated with game studios and worked on projects such as halo 2 ( misha mansoor ), doom 2016 (matt halpern recorded drum for mick gordon and they did live concert on game award ) , deus ex (misha mansoor ) , disco eslyum ( mark mark holcomb did voice acting for one of the character ) , they are also hardcore gamer as you can see, and they are one of the best modern progressive djent metal band ( probably number 1 ).

Zagreus is the main character of hades and son of zeus. also you can here reference from the game

i share more bands and musicians with collaborations potentials.