About co-op versus AI

Simple question here, why we can only play this game mode as gears???!!! Would be fine and cool to switch to locust and swarm as well to enjoy every skin!
1 match you play as Gears the other one as Swarm/locust and so on…
Why obvious and normal things are always hard to happen???
Is it possible that not a soul has never thought to change this thing?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :expressionless:


Knew it was gonna be about this and no, everyone knows. It’s being looked at and it’s not on the list of priorities right now. It’ll probably come to a later OP

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I don’t understand this either just make the lobby alternate after every game like it does in rank. One game cog one game swarm.


For now the best possible way to play as any character of your choosing is to play FFA.

It’s not about character selection it’s for being able to complete ToD objectives without having to play in PvP modes to get them. Ie win 25 matches as swarm etc.


Yes everyone wants this, but it’s way more important to nudge the gnasher .005% this way or the other for several months, because skillgap 06 vets and i should get masters partipication trophy and all that.


Yeah been wanting to play as Swarm/Locust more


So let’s hope this feature will be added later in the next OP!

Play versus offline or in a private custom match.

When it comes to playing CO-OP vs AI, It makes perfect sense to only be COG as they are the good guys and so you have a reason to hate the swarm more.(Seriously, i seen those AI make pros look like chumps in random intervals)

If anything, we should be complaining about the AI randomly focusing on one specific player and literally letting themselves get ■■■■■■ up the ■■■ by all the other players. The swarm AI were about to kill off my entire team but when i get close to them they all ignore my teammates and all five start shooting only me. WHY???
WHY ONLY ME WHEN THEY COULD HAVE BEAT ALL OUR ■■■■■ BY KILLING MY TEAM FIRST??? We won the match too from that bull ■■■■ and. No one picked me up when there was one crawling away.
Just unbelievable lol

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You can’t complete objectives in private matches.

Sometimes, I wanna complete Swarm objectives without dealing with enemy players.

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Maybe they wanna join the dark side though.

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