About bouncing, and keyboard

Let me start out by saying that with Gears 5, it seems like a lot more people are using keyboard and mouse than would be expected. I am actually one of them, and after switching from controller I can tell you the two are completly different beasts.

The main difference is bouncing, as with a controller, you can just wiggle the stick back and forth and press A. This isnt possible on keyboard, and it is very difficult to alternate between a, d, and space as they are all controlled with the left hand.

However, playing on kb/m also lends you greater precision, which means you can litterally just hold W, look where you want to bounce with the mouse, and press space. This, however, results in a “long” bounce in most cases. This leads me to my main point. I was wondering how you guys would feel about “splitting” bouncing into two main sub-groups, traditional “wallbouncing” like you typically do with a controller, and “longbouncing” like you would do as I described.

The reason i think we should distinguish between the two is because we need to develop technique for movement on kb/m. Splitting bouncing into 2 sub groups would help people to make keyboard/mouse specific tutorials and develop and share techniques easier.

What do you guys think?

Tbh this just feels like too much customization for a non problem. I suppose it can’t hurt to have the option, but seems like it would just be clutter in the keybinds.

I meant just splitting the terminology, sorry, should have been more clear on that.