About 1-50 public horde?

Did I miss an announcement about it being removed from public selection? Honestly I only play public when I feel like grinding a low level character and didn’t wanna just jump into someone’s customs lobby to level up

I have a few low level because they were just tied to characters I didn’t particularly like (Fahz for example) or I didn’t exactly find the grind too worth it (Any of the promo classes and JD and Del if I’m honest)

Has T.C. said anything about it lately? Just curious.

Nothing I’m aware of. Was just gone one day.

I do have noticed there is an issue with regular Frenzy matchmaking that still takes players into the daily challenge map. If you go into it it also shows the same modifier pictures as the daily.


They dropped it to make way for the tile map frenzy option a bit back and it hasn’t returned yet. Tbh though, i think there might be an issue with the public matchmaking option at present as 1/3 times i use it, i get sent back to the dashboard.

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I’ve run into that issue as well I’m afraid. Hopefully this gets resolved then

We removed it because 50-wave isn’t a very good matchmaking experience. Very few of those matches make it to completion. A lot of players don’t realize they’re matchmaking into a 2 hour session, and eventually quit.

Private Match is a much better place for 50-wave, because players are seeking out that experience which makes it much more likely the match will be completed.


Ah I see, thank you so much then.

Have you thought about making a weekly Horde challenge like Escape has?

Escape currently has a daily and a weekly challenge but Horde only has a daily.

The daily Horde challenge that renews every 24hrs is great and works well as Frenzy as people who are restricted with time can get a chance to do them.

But i feel like a wave 1-50 weekly Horde challenge would also be cool to have and because it would last a week it would give people who are really busy a chance to find the time to complete it.

That way you offer both variants of Horde as a challenge.

Also great work with PvE, you got a 99% PvP player playing PvE and enjoying it.


I’m hoping that Horde Special Events will fill that role.


I do wish they would give you the TC cog beside all your responses. It’s weird you have been the only TC employee without it.


People soon realise that 50 waves requires time investment so that shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, many players host and then abort their own custom lobby games. Horde has way bigger problems than this. Perks need ditched because they completely encourage selfish playing by noobs or those looking to upgrade classes as fast as possible. Even when they have maxed out perks they buy sentries to compound the misery of anyone unfortunate enough to be an engineer in such games. Higher difficulties require some teamwork and perks make selfish players and their ill perceived invincibility a liability.

Couldn’t have said it better myself even if I tried.

@TC_MichaelAOS you’re doing great, keep up the good work and thanks a bunch for checking the forums.


I’d sooner have perks over an engineer tbh.

hope the horde events arent that far between and that they offer a reward similiar to the weeklys for escape.

I was about to suggest this as well. I think a featured Horde map would be awesome. That could be a 50 wave variant, and people would deliberately seek that out.

Very few games make 50 Waves, you either end up with idiots, or ignorant players. I have only ever completed 3 50 Horde games, and they were never with the same people we started with at Wave 1.

Custom Games is the way to go, and if you want to level up a low level Char, play the game with yourself and Bots. You really do not need to join a game already made until you hit level 10, or create your own Custom Game, set your rules and use the Kick option as you please.

Personally, i play with Bots, and only play my own Custom Game when my Son plays and he is the creator of the game. But, that is just me.
I do join others games, it is just not, preferred.

Making or joining a lobby is better than public matchmaking anyway, for one specific reason:

If people leave your game, others can join in. In public matchmaking, when someone leaves, that spot is left open and no one can join.

After I learned that, I stopped using public matchmaking and always went to custom lobbies.

I can agree with this. 1-50 takes too long most of the time for me so a quicker version or Escape have been great alternatives!

However, if you don’t mind me asking, do you know whatever happened to the original 1-25 wave version of Horde Frenzy from Gears of War 4? I absolutely loved that version and thought that the pacing and time spent was perfect! Didn’t drag out like 1-50 but also didn’t ramp up too fast like 1-12 does, in my opinion.

Was a bit sad when Frenzy came back a bit different than I remembered from 4. Not to say that the current Frenzy isn’t great on it’s own!

Stupid question, is the daily challenge matchmaking 50 waves or horde frenzy?