Abonimable Grenadier looks Awesome.As does the Christmas Gun Skins

In spite of all last nights issues(all true first world problems) I just wanted to tell the powers that be @TC_Sera that the new items for Christmas in the store look Awesome. As does Hivebuster Clayton.
It is very much appreciated to see TC make new skins for a christmas event instead of retreading something. You guys have amazing graphic artist. Some of the best in the business. Nice to see them being used. ABOMINABLE GRENADIER AND THE CHRISTMAS GUN SKINS ARE DOPE. And just as an aside, Hivebusters looks great as well. Keegans Onyx Guard skin is awesome. Its about time.

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But did you buy it?

@HerrKatzchen not for iron. Ive already bought Operation 2 and 3 bundles. The carmine bundle… skeletom suit kait, last years halloween gun skins, collector clayton, and a bunch if other skins i cant recall with real money. Plus tons of boost. Ive probably dropped close to 200 on this game. And then it was all made available for free in game currency. So no. Ill wait a week…then ill buy it.

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I haven’t bought it yet either. If it comes out for coins I’m definitely dropping them on it though. I’m more anticipating the Gearsmas Marcus. I’m also pleasantly surprised my Nutcracker Shepherd seems to have appreciated in value over time. Although, it’s now available technically for free when in the past it was iron only.

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I have spent $900+ on gears 5 alone (I know I need help lol dont worry about me I’m fine :disappointed_relieved:) and I dont plan on stopping!!! (Techinally another $300 if you count the gears 5 edition xbox one x I got) they keep making fire skins this op and the end of last op and I cant help myself!!! Tc start making ■■■■■■ skins again so my pockets can rest for a week :disappointed_relieved:

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Agreed, both of those skins are very well-made and as someone else said, Hivebuster Clayton looks amazing as well. Just waiting to be able to use coins.

The abominable skin looks great but will it be earnable in 1 week?

You can bash TC about a lot of things. But not their graphic design and graphic artist. Their graphics are amazing. Their maps(when the effort is put in) are amazing.



I feel your pain mate. I’m the same. I play one game and it’s this crappy buggy mess of the game that I have a love hate relationship with. I’ve spent way too much money on it already.

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