Ability to turn off expressions

Is there a way to turn off expressions? I mash the right stick sometimes and the damn pinwheel pops up while trying to walk bounce/gnasher.


I have the same issue lol. Hope they make it an option to toggle it off when they’ve got the time.


I don’t even know how to use them so …

You’re not missing much lol. But in case you want to check it out, click your right thumb stick than choose whatever emote/speech you have equipped on your character.

Also, ever notice how the at the end of the match, the mvp character always said something like “hey”. That because they’ve still got the default emote/speech on. If you equip another one at the top, it’ll do/say that emote when you get MVP.

Thank you. I was confused how to get it to work.

I’m surprised an off option wasn’t already put into the game. The options menu is stacked but it looks like expressions off was overlooked. Hopefully in due time.

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So annoying, happens to me all the time.
That and spotting gnasher on the floor while in the middle of a fight…

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I hate the joy sick expressions it always pop up at wrong time please put a disable option

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@N0DEZER0 can we get this fixed?

“Fixed” implies it’s wrong/broken… :slight_smile: It’s working as intended, I’m sure…

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Lol, damn you.

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i refer you to my post in the @N0DEZER0 thread…

too bad he didn’t reply to it .

+1 to this. I lose many 1 on 1 battles because of this. Tried re-mapping from Right stick to Left, but have same problem. Just need the ability to turn off or disable expressions.