A whole new level of toxicity

A few hours ago, I went back to Gears of War 4 and played some CO-OP VS AI(Casual).
On the map War Machine, this happened:

I: (Trying to use the Torque Bow to get some double kills)
“This player”: (Spraying turret fire on enemies I was aiming at)

I: (Trying to execute downed enemies)
“This player”: (Spraying turret fire on enemies before I could finish them off)

I: (Trying to use lancer to kill enemies)
“This player”: (Spraying turret fire on enemies before I could kill them)

So I quit and returned to Gears 5.
2 minutes later, “this player” sent me THIS(his match didn’t even end yet):
“Rage quit”

I quit from CO-OP VS AI(Casual) because he was ruining my experience, but he called me “Rage quit”?


When facing those type of players, I just do custom pvp, horde and escape… if I don’t like how people are acting, I opt for private.

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Just respond with “ok”, that always pisses them off




Or a loveheart does the truck :+1: oh and :heart_eyes:

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I tend to send them “love you”. :wink:


What my friend does to people he doesn’t like or sometimes for no reason is fill the lobby with ghosts

I had someone spam that to me the other day

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Theres more than one @GhostofDelta2?

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I will never understand being toxic especially over a Co-Op versus AI game. Thank god TC allows us to use private matches in 5 to do dailies and certain medal groups.


This is new though, previously u would have to play with real people.

This is only because the game is on it’s last legs now.

I mean not really. You could do quite a few medal groups against Ai in Co-Op versus.
Since coming back I do every single medal group which includes Ranked/Competitive and the Events.

Sometimes TC puts in a medal which is just highly unlikely to get in normal gameplay or you get a daily which just isn’t happening. Heavy Weapon kills springs to mind especially as most maps have had them removed.

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Pepper, do you love me?

It wasn’t me. :neutral_face:

No. Don’t be ridiculous.

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I never said against real people.

I dont bother with the tour medals anymore since its only crappy coins, unlike before where u would get emotes or executions. I dont play gears 5👀 as much as i used to since TC destroyed escape, usually play dailys if rewards are worth my time and get my stars.



I remember the turrets very well.
Watching players fight for them, throw smoke and shock grenades or block shots and queue camp for the shocks to respawn.
It was more about getting the player with the turret killed than playing the match.
I used to leave them to it and get as many kills, etc… as I could.

Ah the Shaggy defence

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