A way to get "Master of Escape 3" in ToD (operation 2)

Is there a way to get the medals of “complete weekly operation 2 hives” now?

That’s a mistake. The medal is for the Operation 3 hives, so far only two of which are permanently accessible.

I think that’s a typo - mine says Operation 3 (English localisation).

At present, no as only two Op 3 Hives have been released. Although technically all 6 Hives were actually available to play for a few hours when Op 3 first came out. I doubt anyone has actually mastered all 6 of them as they were only mistakenly playable for a few hours.

I actually played all the weekly hives and I got zero out of 6. Should I finish them in a higher difficult level? It’s rather confusing.

It has to be completed on Master.

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Damn bad translation…

You need to complete Hives on Master difficulty (with all mutators on) for it to count.

For the first TOD medal “maestro dell’ alveare 3” you can complete any Hives on Master and it will count including old Operation 1 and 2 maps. You can even complete the same one multiple times.

For the second one “Maestro della fuga 3” it has to be the 6 Operation 3 Hives, which only 2 have been released so far.