A way to check if you have moved at all - on a decimal level

Ran across this and wanted to pass it on in case it wasn’t common knowledge.

In chrome, you can check your rank further down the decimal level to check movement after a win/loss where it doesn’t appear you have moved. (example: rank is 80% and you win/lose and it still says 80%.)

Open up the stats page in chrome.

Select the game mode

Scroll down to the listing of ranks. (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Onyx, Diamond)

Find the rank where you are at and right click on the rank %.

Click Inspect and you should see the line right under the highlighted line will have a decimal number.

Here is my own at 96.37% - the actual number is 96.3654% (Rounded up to 96.37) If I have seemingly no movement after a match, I can check this decimal to see if there were actually changes but just not enough to equal a whole number change.


I got up to ~85% while solo queuing mostly and I couldn’t break past it. I would fluctuate from 85% to 40% to 60% to 50% to 70%…etc… due to win/loss with random teammates. Once I fluctuated back up, I started to play more on teams when people were available and right now I won’t dare play a solo queue. There’s like a week left and it’d be nice to touch the D…

We’ll see.

Tbh if you’re checking numbers that precisely, you should probably only check every 3-5 wins. You’re gonna go crazy if you care about that much detail.


I’m not sure anyone is recording stats down to that detail but, for example, my internet is filtered by a raspberry pi (pihole) for network adblock and there have been occasions where my stats would not update because the communications were blocked (microsoft telemetry not whitelisted).

Match after match after match and no movement on stats screen - this is a super quick way to tell if there really is no movement (which could point to a telemetry issue) or if it’s just too small of a change to impact your % on the stats page.

It was posted on the old forums shortly after the system went live, but seeing as we are not on the old forums any more… anyone new might find it useful!

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