A Turd in the Punch Bowl

Is “turd” a bad word? I guess I’ll find out.

I had my first turd in a custom intermediate horde match! How could I tell? It was standing behind a wall during a wave 50. Everyone was getting killed. I saw an image of an unwounded player behind a wall and crawled over to it and it didn’t pick me up! I crawled around its feet for several seconds while everyone died around us. Finally the Matriarch came around the corner and put both of us (and the game) out of our misery.

After the obligatory resurrection, I went looking for it and there it is was! Same wall. I was was tempted to unload but I’m not that type of person. We failed wave 50 five times after which we had no stuff left so I just shut the game down.

Are people really scared of dying in these matches? I love getting slaughtered. Probably why I play with bots on. Bots always come to the rescue. Humans, not so much.

Some advice. If you’re scared of looking bad or dying (it’s a video game for heck’s sake!), go play private custom matches. Really. Play with bots. Bots don’t judge. Next, don’t play games with the respawn poison on. You can ruin someones match if you don’t play well. However, if someone has this on, they know the risk . I’ve don’t this by accident and I do feel somewhat bad being a suicidal maniac (playing JD only! Fahz I’m quite calm).

I wish there were more basic tutorials. I wish TC had them available in boot. An engineering practice area (besides custom hordes) would be good. Weapons practice would be good.

Hopefully I don’t get censored.


“A fly in the ointment”

The word “turd” is indeed a bad word, and is worthy of censorship. You should be ashamed of yourself sir. @GhostofDelta2 dispose of this vermin


Don’t mind @TC_Clown @Derrick6054, his journey’s with his beloved bible and church study group have clouded his judgment.


The amount of heathens here…like geez…


I thought @TC_Clown was from hell just like " THE DOOMS SLAYER " , I never thought he would be in a " MORMON’S Study group " .

my god man .

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Pfft not Mormons. They are strange, even for me

yeah man I used to have a girlfriend who was a Mormon, one of the most " STRANGE" situations evere encountered on my life man…

thank god I leave her and now I’m married to a catholic woman. just like me I’m catholic. hahahahha :smile:


Protestant myself

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Cool man … my other self I’m from hell like " DOOM SLAYER " …

4 days to go . .

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Your a catholic woman :joy:


jajajajaa no man … I’m a guy married to a catholic woman ahahahhaa.

I’m sorry man . English its not my native language hahahahaa :smile:

Only joking , your English is great :+1:


thanks my friend :slight_smile: most kind.


@TC_Clown the type to put the filters on.


Im too Christian

Why a turd? it’s usually arsenic… or so i’ve heard

Nah man @D_A_N_III_3_L 's English flat out sucks. If I didn’t know any better, I would think he is speaking Chinese.

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His English is better than my Spanish…

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That gave me a good laugh :+1: