A theft the money

Playing this gears does not entertain, annoy and dislike the user. I think they stole my money and hope creating this ■■■■. After so many years, they still don’t know how to create games ???
And they don’t say anything about all our complaints !!!

Mandatory psych evaluation test before creating forum profile is necessary on GoW forum.

They stole money from this looney toon !





it entertains me:) i love this gears, yal just need to stop complaining…half you kids spend more time on these forums then actually playing the game, you only hate wit because others do, have a damn mind of your own


Agreed. Only reason why I’m not playing is because I’m at work.


Lol only reason I’m not playing is I have to work and I have a family and a boat and grass to cut and an LS engine to build and dirt bikes to race and a wife to ■■■■ and beer to drink all this other ■■■■ going lmfao


Where tf U been?
Other than the above lmao

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Bro see above lmao. Oh and some Division 2 thrown in. Lol

Sorry I haven’t been playing online with you guys. I was either playing d2 or watching Netflix lol. Thanks for the invites to homie

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Lol no prob man. We’ll get some games in soon lol

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I’m still trash lol only beat the campaign on the new hardcore lol

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I haven’t touched campaign lmao


same hahaha straight coop versus

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i Dunno if it’s a theft of money but the game is pretty bad. I refuse to play it and have stopped. These other guys will poke fun at you, but they’re casuals who enjoy low skilled games… I mean obviously. You Can’t deny the game takes very little skill or energy to play. Anyone who enjoys the current state of the game is a fool. Sorry.

Whoa youre so manly. I’m impressed.

thats your opinion

It’s an opinion most people on here share.

Me too, instead I’m ■■■■■■■■■■■ on here until I can get to my pc XD

Naw dude. Not manly at all. Just showing there is more to life that chilling on a Davenport ■■■■■■■■ about a video game.

My life is always like this. Busy. I’ve made friends from the forums with a few people and that’s the only reason I take time to swing in from time to time.

Life goes on. With or without gears of war.

Everyone here needs to remember that.


why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick?

I just get tired of all the whinny rant threads spamming the forums. If you don’t like it, then don’t play it. Seems pretty simple to me.

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