A team effort, Calling all Horde 4.0 Experts

I am constructing an ultimate guide to horde 4.0

I am in need of anyone who is willing to lend their expertise to the project- I am currently in the stage of outlining the guide, and I could use input/assistance along the way.

If you feel you are an expert of all things horde 4.0, and you want to contribute, please let me know here, and I will message you a current progress file of the guide.




Feel free to @ anyone you believe could be of assistance. I want this to be an all-encompassing guide, and more heads are better than one, thank you.


Are the cards even well balanced enough to need a guide beyond maybe 7 potential good ones a character can choose from maximum and other characters may get 1-2 useful cards.

What are you talkin about?

I’m making a guide covering every single aspect of the mode. The cards are just one bullet point among hundreds dude

I guess map consistency/speed is a mentionable cover point.

Yea the maps are getting their own Section as well as bullets in several other sections. The outline is the hardest part- cross-referencing and organizing the massive pile of info.

Hit me up. Will help where I can.


Current progress- just got the outline going for now, I’m going to be working on it for a couple weeks (The fleshing out part, I expect to get the outline done in a couple days, and will revise it as I go)

I know it’s a mess right now with the random list bullet style swapping constantly lol, I’m going to spruce all that up later on. Just getting the ideas for each category ironed out before I go through.

I can just throw up the info into each spot once the outline is laid out well.


Very well made doc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:my advice for you in creating such huge knowledge compendium is to split it on parts like

  1. Basic mechanics description and analysis,
  2. Advanced mechanic analysis & characters breakdown
  3. Map layout breakdown and tactics
  4. Master tactics
  5. Bugs, exploits, glitches.

One full ultimate guide will be a 2000 pages of text easily, then searching through that book will be a pain in the ■■■. Even with searching tools :blush:.

It’s great initiative to make such guide, would not it better to do a wiki site?

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An ambitious project. Yes I can help out for sure. Will we be able to edit this document, like a Wiki page?

I will be good at covering how Stim works since I already have an unfinished guide for it on here.

So, let me list some things I will be good for:
-Weapon statistics
-Skill Cards


Well I’ve never really liked wiki sites because they’re continuous administration.
With this I can simply go back and add for new content a few times (Lets be honest, it aint droppin that often)

also, with this, once the outline is fleshed out- I can easily let the information and experience flow from my head to the keys right? But with a wiki I’d have to do nearly endless page work.

I like this more,

good points, yea, each of those lists there? I’m going to go into another bracket of bullets, that’s just the top level for most of them lol. That, or I have a rough Idea of what to put, and intend to organize it as I go.

I’m basically saying I can do this on my own but help and suggestions are very much welcome

@Timmy_Gun_88 Yea man you can edit that if you download it, I have a separate copy on my laptop, so greenlight there.

Yea man, anything you write up would be very helpful. Before I ever publish the guide in a finished state it’s going to come back by you and a few others regardless. What I’ll probably do is finish fleshing out my copy- and then try to splice in/revise information I missed from anyone else’s, and we can all review it before it goes up.

Omg I just saw the “marxism” lmfao

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I thought more of splitting this file into more files, but it can be little confusing on adding content.


Okay mate that sounds good to me. I think I should work on some damage tables for all the weapon statistics. I already did much of the work for automatic weapons but it is just in note form.

I’ll be interested to see the guide develop.

Better make some coffee.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

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Quite right!

“The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.”

That might happen before the end, but I was thinking mostly of doing a scale of the tactics in the difficulty section of each bullet list- where you see difficulty I was going to break down each difficulty as a separate section, and of course master will get special treatment, due to invoking most mechanics as a necessity (When the meta isn’t present and to a lesser degree even when it is, which will be explained throughout the guide)

I was leaning more towards doing an index at the end of the thing, with specific Ctrl+F values for every section, but we may need to split it up at some point. IDK yet

Remember the guides from Neoseeker.com? That was my idea for this, a super index that goes through the work. That’s why I’m starting on the table of contents/index first, that way I can just info drop each section and add headers to ctrl F to each at the end

Yeah man, that’s the sort of help I am really in need of. Damage values, health values, power values, and general strategy I miss by the end

I’m still grinding to 50 so this is being done inbetween that, meaning I really can’t sacrifice in game time to chase down and parse those values.

If we don’t end up with exactly accurate health values for everything thats okay, I’d like at least a rough range though for most- across each difficulty. If it comes down to simply not being done when I hit reup 50 I’ll be able to chase the values then

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I compliment the effort this will take.

One thing to include (you probably will under mechanics) are things like how to swap weapons with another player, meatshield, execute vs kick/quick kill, how shooting from cover differs by shooting left/right/over the cover due to weapon being in right hand (does it actually?). How JD can kill himself with grenades for a “free” GL, etc.

Also, a comparison of finances… compare the advantages/disadvantages of Forge-Jack as opposed to capturing taps or simply collecting energy.

Maps - show the location of taps (are they always in a fixed number of locations?). Do they appear in the same sequence?

I’m very much looking forward to this. I’ve played a ton of horde over the years but in no way am close to being an expert… always enjoy this mode because of the variety and so many “little things” that are not apparent.


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Indeed, good points- Yea any suggestions are welcome even if I already thought of them.

The complexity of it all is difficult to capture going in, but as I go through it I’m hoping people will catch where I’ve left things out or made redundant/extraneous explanations.

Good catch on the taps, throwing that in the outline. I was going to do taps/forge breakdowns in the fortifications and ammo economy sections but showing the locations will be a bullet in maps section too now.

Just making the outline is starting to enlighten me to the reality of just how much information all of this really actually is.

I can see why people struggle without the meta, and even with it.

Not everyone can be expected to soak up/parse all of this data internally.

I expect the project to take up to a month now, I will probably need to finish it after getting reup 50. Also, operation 3 will probably drop right around the time the guide is finished, so I may push back publishing as a finished product till we can include the new characters/horde changes from that/maps from that. Idk


Yes shooting out of cover different way based on the right hand changes the camera angle and the position of the character model, so it changes a couple things like the angles you can hit/ where you are able to be hit on that cover.

You can also use cover leanout to swap the right-side camera fix to a left-side fix by getting out of cover and keeping the left trigger held from a left-side fix in cover.

Current progress- Taking a break here.

What I need at the moment is a full list of the enemies if anyone has that, if not I can probably just recall them when I get back at it.

Btw lol I’m going to fully and properly BTFO this guide here- https://www.gears5.com/horde-explained/


Hey Wolf,

Sure man I’ll help if you like. Just tell me what you need. :+1:

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In case you haven’t seen them, this might be of help as it has all of the character guides currently made by @Hu1k_Daddy in them. Not in chronological order, but they’re in there.


Yeah man, bet.

I’m basically only in the outlining/structure phase of it. I’ll probably need to go ahead and finish grinding reup 50 before I really get through this thing.

I’m going to keep posting progress updates every couple days, and just any ideas you have really are welcome.

I’m going to need certain values like the card stats per level, Boss weakspot health thresholds/difficulty (swarmak, kestrel, etc), enemy health per difficulty, damage values per gun, etc

(If we don’t get exact values on these things, I’ll work with general estimates or general strategy beyond that)

Also general group input on the structure of it as I go. I’m expecting to re-organize several sections of it before it’s done.

Do you mind me pulling from your guides btw?