A tad bit curious. (And hopeful)

After playing the hivebusters DLC, is anyone who originally never tried escape going to give it a shot?

This is our final hope to get new maps post op5 I’d think. If enough people start playing it, there could be potential in theory.


I want to actually gas the Swarm in the bunker in proper fashion, which would also give TC the opportunity to let us look around the other sections we didn’t get to visit a bit more. To hell with it if it was longer than your average 10-15 minutes of an Escape match. It would also make for a good introduction into the mode with being slightly more story based but might disappoint people when they find out most Escape hives have little in the way of environmental hazards or interactions and are mainly about fighting Swarm.

Wouldn’t complain if they used it as an excuse to create a different mode that involves entering the hive on foot and going all the way to the bottom while facing different hazards than just some Swarm in your way while outrunning the gas, but that’s wishful thinking. If I wasn’t playing Escape this would probably have gotten me to try it though, not gonna lie.

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I play escape 2 or 3 times a week on beginner, not necessarily for any dailies but just to break away from horde for a bit (I also venture into co-op vs AI frequently)…I definitely feel like I will be playing it more, especially if I can get more of a sense of the meta. I love PvE modes but honestly, I’ve not jumped headfirst into Escape already because the heavy Escapees always put me off a little with the meta talk and how much ‘smarter you have to be than in horde’. (Not a knock, just a fact) I suspect nuances of Escape can be a bit intimidating when you’re behind on the curve and don’t want to drag a team down…some feel the same when first venturing in to horde, I suppose.
I get the basics but I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and get more familiar with it all.


Find someone that is willing teach to you the ropes. If you’re a good player and listen to what you’re being told you’ll get there in no time.


If you play on beginner, try to slowly work your way up in difficulty. That’s what I did, and I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at the mode for the most part.

It just takes time and dedication to learning, a big reason why I think the modes not that popular to begin with.


Escape is a fair bit harder than Horde in my opinion, and the difficulty curve in learning and developing skills is tougher. I think this is what puts people off as well.

Even if an inexperienced player manages to get a game with one or two experienced players, unless they’re actually taking the time to teach and support, it would just feel like a carry. So few people use mics nowadays. Having said that, if the inexperienced player uses tac-com to observe, they could probably pick up a few things here and there as well.

That said, I personally just threw myself into the deep end and started playing master difficult Escape with randomers - this was around the second half of Operation 2 and gradually improved. It was a frustrating process though. Some Hives are very tough, and zero-communication makes it even more so. But I found it pushed me to be more proactive and to take more of a lead; and also to learn to read other player’s movements and behaviours so I could anticipate what they will do next and in turn I can do something which supports and compliments them. I’ve played with some excellent players on the forums, alot of the time without mics and some of them have excellent awareness of what is going on and adapt quickly to the actions of other players.

And as I said, tac-com is very under-rated. I love it as a learning tool - sometimes just to watch other players to see what they’re doing. I’ve had more than one L shoulder buttons fall off of my controllers from overuse!


After finishing our session yesterday with you and @HerrKatzchen, I took a break but then hopped back on around 11:30pm PST.

There was one active lobby in custom browser. ONE lobby through all difficulties.

It was actually quite sad to see.


That’s honestly a shame.

Gears has always been a hardcore game, and escape is as hardcore as it gets.

You’d think the player base would love it, but I guess not

To be fair, everyone might have been busy playing the campaign.

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What’s Escape?

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I second this. What on earth is an Escape? Is it free? Can it fit in my pocket? Does it bite?

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Not having new Escape maps has really downgraded my ability to play Gears in general. I’m just playing all the maps I haven’t Master as they come through the dailies, other than that, it’s definitely not like it use to be seeing as Escape not getting any new maps.

Like @Bleeding_Pepper stated, Escape has a learning curve that a lot of people don’t want to be involved in.

It’s kind of odd that the DLC focused on the hivebusters. After finishing it, it was like a teaser for an upcoming game mode. But in fact, unfortunately, the game mode it was “teasing” is looking like it’s on its way out. Kinda backwards.