A Swarm Version of Horde or Escape the COG facility

We have horde. We have escape. But the Swarm Characters are useless unless Versus Arcade is what you play. So, to get these characters off their lazy chair the idea for a Swarm Based Horde/Escape. Concepts below.

Horde: Basically just horde but you fight COG Gears and Onyx Guards, including COG heroes. The fabricator is the same but red

Escape: How to get in, you go into a cargo box to get inside COG Facilities in order to terminate the COG.

If you have any suggestions leave a comment. And please don’t be negative as is because this is just a simple concept and nothing more.


so just for my understanding @OptimusWorld what you are saying its a horde variant that instead of killing monsters we kill onyx guards and cog gears ?

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I would rather have Beast mode or Overrun.


Been asked for a lot. Ek is right though. A beast mode or overrun would be great.

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Correct @D_A_N_III_3_L

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Never seen that before, I think its a cool idea… Killing Jack in a horde variant sounds insteresting , its definetely fun…

I hate fahz , so also killing that dude will be rewarding hahahaha :smile:

To add to this too, some people might get really offended by killing say Marcus, Kait or whomever they add to it. I remember years ago on Gamefaqs forums for Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 I believe, there was a DLC where you play as Darth Vader and you Kill Chewbacca and Han Solo. People there were really upset about that because they are so beloved in the Star Wars movies. I am sure off the forums too, people cried about that.


Yup. Although I’d like Beast mode with more depth. Longer and more refined missions with a bit of variety. A few forum people and I pooled a few ideas a while back which was basically like a Special Ops mode where you have mini-missions for both COG and Swarm where you had to complete objectives like (1) capture a VIP and escorts to an evacuation location; (2) kill a high value target and escape; (3) capture a fabricator and evac it; etc etc.

The Swarm side could have some Beast-mode esque abilities for certain missions like one player can play as a larger Beast like a Stump, Warden or Swarmzerker.

Did you cry when killing Griffin in Beast mode? He comes in early waves with the Stranded and Dizzy.

Nah. I left him alone and let whomever else kill him.

I’ve been killing Marcus for as long as there’s been pvp.

What if you were playing PVP, you were on the Swarm/Locust side and there was a team all playing as Griffin?

I would certainly quit the game.

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Without a doubt @T0NY_HAYABUSA that would be fun as hell, hearing chewbacca moaning of pain while being cut in half with the lightsaber !! :smile:


In that special mode of horde they should remove Marcus… We can’t kill the man who is the origin of all this. :slight_smile: I agree that shouldn’t happen. it would be offensive.

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Beast Mode was legendary, but TC would find a way to successfully ruin it.

I’d love a mode against the COG though. I never did try overrun as I refused to go near Judgment but I like the concept of it.

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Support these ideas :slight_smile:

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A good point tony. Perhaps for beast mode’s return they could offer stock AI or Heroes toggle?

Seems like a simple option to add :slight_smile:

Ehhh since when has simple been in TC’s vocabulary?

Ryan has said “simple” in a dev stream before, I SEENT IT!

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They should have a special round where you have to hunt down the the work-out Fahz variant.