A surprise in the store?

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #1

From the latest what’s up post, which is today

You can see there is a sentence
“We might also have a little surprise in store. See you there.”
That made me question my self a lot, What kinda of surprise? They didn’t say there is an old pack coming back like usual. And they mentioned this surprise.

What do you people think? :slight_smile:

(Royce Batty) #2

Probably aliens.

(Ektope) #3

Maybe a surprise called disappointment.
Or it could be a newer Pack?
But most of recent ones have been at end of month.

(DarkChaoz95) #4

Rise of raam returns perhaps?


More bugs

(API) #6

I haven’t watched the stream yet. What was the surprise?

(sancris777) #7

Maybe its new Gears 5 gameplay…or maybe its a new cow skin collection :cow2:

(Relax Mxte) #8

Well they said a surprise in store. Not a surprise in the store. It was just that 2vs2 Boxes is playable on Private now (yay?).

(API) #9

Oh yeah that makes sense. Nice

(Ektope) #10

Well it doesn’t feel much of a surprise when we’re expecting it.
They literally told us that Boxes 2 vs 2 is coming this week.

(mendigo2005) #11

Real cash, non esports pack.

(JITheThunder) #12

Increase in price as a surprise.

(chaaze) #13

Seeing irl characteristics officially add to skin names, that would be a real surprise like “spongy dark omen” or “teleporting snowstorm” or “invisible phantom AFK collection” or “high pinger fluorescent” etc

(DJ NME) #14

Even more sponging and trading!!! Surprise!

(aMz Leg Hair) #15

It’s probably Gondola’s return

(WarmCoast6521) #16

Is a pack of Kait xd

(aMz Leg Hair) #17

I was so sure too

(GrubKiller101) #18

Yeah they didn’t say if it was a nice surprise! :grinning:

(WarmCoast6521) #19

I would have loved to see the zombies Carmine, BE dizzy, Baird Scientist … There were many packs to choose from and the one that interested me the least appeared … Good luck, I have xd.