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A suggestion to TC for custom horde

Please add previous operation horde events into the custom lobby mode so that we can play them once the operation they were a part of has ended.

Would be very fun to repeat some of the past events/potentially try them on new maps. Also, 20 wave horde being available as an actual mode would be simply fantastic!


All events on any map in custom lobby. Should have been implemented from the first event on, already part of the system. Or even if it was map locked. I don’t care anymore.


Shorter 20/25 wv horde variant…would help with time wasters/ quitters…in the 50 wv games…if there’s one thing im fed up of hearing is that horde is to long…clearly these peeps didn’t play 2 n 3 (especially higher difficulties)…again that goes back to 4…catering for non horde players who want a quick speed run ect…you know the games that require zero skill🙄


I played 2 and 3 horde also, and let’s be honest people quit horde just as much back then. People didn’t really talk about 50 waves being too long until Gears 4 started the shorter variants, but that didn’t stop them from quitting in 2 and 3.
Agree about a shorter variant needed though, weekdays it’s often hard to dedicate time for a full 50 wave run. It would also be nice to have the special events available for variation in enemies.


Depends how much you were dedicated to playing horde…but a valid point all the same bob😁

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Agree 100%. Horde takes the nest part of 3 hours on average, sometimes even more. I’m surprised TC didn’t include a short 25 wave version at launch.


Pepper im old school n used to doing 5 to 8 hr insane games on 2…a decent points game on 3 will be up to 5hrs…map dependant of course…but a short version for peeps with time constraints…ie kids/work ect makes sense…also if your forcing pvp players to play horde for unlocks ect…they can use the shorter version…thus not upsetting the long haulers😁

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100x this.

People quickly forget the length of 1.0/2,0 horde matches.

I remember, because I played 2.0 for over 10 years, even skipping horde 3.0 entirely for it (I am not a fan of low effort speed-run grinding. I much prefer the forced player skill acquisition of 4.0, >opinion!<)

Those all night runs on mercy man, oh man. A good group of buds staying up drinking/smokin on the mic having a good one for 4-6 hours man… the days…

I wouldn’t mind it in Gears 5 either, aside from that it simply shouldn’t take that long, but I’d be willing to wager some people wouldn’t mind a longer mode as well, in a style reminiscent of the 1.0/2,0 experience.

Maybe higher density, or simply an enemy bar that depletes slower allowing for longer waves… man that would be nice for those all night epic matches…

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Only problem with 4 and definitely 5…horde and the new enemies aren’t as interesting…5s hero nonsense is plain annoying for me…i play it but it will mean nothing…as beating master takes no skill imo…game is to imbalanced…its a shame where its at now…i have 2 friends who’ve just beaten …memorial on gears 2…on hardcore …just 2 of them…right there is a game of horde at the highest level :sunglasses:


I firmly Disagree,

I find the enemies just as interesting, in fact the sponginess and oneshot-iness people constantly complain about were a huge point of immersion for me.

I was like “FINALLY these monsters feel like the hulking TITANS they are!” and I was able to immerse immensely in that fact.

The hero system as well, same thing. Big point of immersion. Also, very good guide into how to play.

We stand in opposite camps on the balancing in master.

I find it as easy as you say it is, but not because of the overpowered characters, I don’t think that’s an issue. Just play without those guys right?

But if you make the case that the fortifications are too strong when used properly, well, I can get behind you there.

As I’ve claimed before, I can entirely invalidate the horde with engineer alone. Making the enemies basically worthless, and this goes for bosses too (Allowing for having a 5 man team that will be working on it together, I mean.)

I can get behind that. Which is why I would be interested in a more dense mode/higher difficulty!!!

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Last night was a fun challenge…which is why i posted…because its rare…i know your a fan of 5 and seem genuinely knowledged in what your doing…as I’ve played with you…maybe i lean towards 2 n 3 because of the higher challenge imo…also i really enjoyed both…but iv played recently with some off here @D_A_N_III_3_L @The_Bozzmeister @TCBcryingTLC…great guys n good games…so i havnt written off 5s horde…the changes were never needed or asked for…but i take your point and im sure we’ll be in a game soon😁


I think the mode simply needs more tools and enemy sets.

For all intents and purposes there is no excuse not to be able to customize from the menu an exact 2.0/3,0 experience. (Save for the ai software differences/maps)

What I mean is - there should be tweakers and sliders on various settings that allow you to go back to the glory days of those modes.

I know we won’t get full open end customization like this- but I feel like every game should offer the previous titles sandboxes, or earlier title versions of it.

I.E. there is no excuse not to have beast mode in every title going forward after 3, as much as there is no excuse not to offer legacy enemy sets/bosses/tunings.

Sadly this practice of offering previous title’s sandbox versions died in the early 2k’s, and no one is springing that extra money for the love of the game or the players, unsurprisingly.

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Fair point.

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You can create a custom Horde that starts at wave 30! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s nowhere near what we are discussing here though.

When you start with 20 waves left, you have to scramble to build a base, and there is no building of momentum.

We want a modifier for the amount of waves in the horde menu so that you can start at wave 1, build up your base/momentum, and end at the wave you desire with a full completion. These types of runs could be counted out of the leaderboards if anyone cares about that.

It only makes sense. No reason not to offer this to the playerbase, as well as past operation special events. Also, it seems to be a recurring theme here in the forums that people want both of these options :slight_smile:

thanks @foosniper for mention me , soon we’ll have to play again man horde… I remember you while playing on HARBOR , it was a freakin show man . . looking forward to play with you again my friend. :slight_smile:


Fun game dan…my pleasure…any time m8😎


I was actually thinking a few days ago that it’d be interesting to have an option at the end of Wave 50 to either complete or continue on since you’re all set up anyways. Maybe have an option for endless waves, see how far you can get.


I thought it was 25 waves, and it was the bonus that paid at 20 waves, but either way, yes, give the option for a 25 and the 50 wave game, and maybe penalise the ones joining 50’s and leaving after 25.
As for your suggestion, maybe let The Coalition sort out the Custom Lobby before adding to it, i would still like them to fix the damn thing, it needs to refresh on a regular basis, i am not sure about you, but i really hate trying to find a game on Custom, to either end up on Normal or on my own, because the games are either full, finished or not existant anymore. Also, when i click on the game, instead of entering it, it shows me who and what is in it.
Confusing, or overworking The Coalition just seems wrong. Cruel even. The did not get the game right the first time, i very much doubt they will get it right at all keep adding stuff, we have seen that so far with them adding new purchasable content, it is this or they fix something.


Sure, and I agree. They should not overload themselves and give us broken additions to the game.

Still, we can ask for much needed content customization/variety :slight_smile: We may just get it!

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