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A start towards fixing gears 5, and more. (Fanmade community Discussion topic)

Now before I say anything, I just want to say, I am not affiliated with TC, or endorsed by them.

I’m a player. Just like everyone else here, I play games. Well, you know what… Gamers are in a crap position now. We’re literally eating ourselves from the inside because we as a community can’t be bothered to care about the everyone in it.

That’s probably how we ended up in this situation in gaming communities everywhere.

Well, if we keep going like this, Gears will die. And it’s not (entirely) TC’s fault. Because we are also at fault, and let me tell you why…

Now I’m going to lay things out as I see it. And I want you all to listen.

So from my understanding… there are sweats… or the people who are professional gamers that stream, and play to win. There are skrubs, the sweat term for basically everyone else who they are better than skill wise.

Except that’s not how it is, this “skrubs” group doesn’t exist, nor does sweats really, The former moreso than the latter.

These “skrubs” are actually multiple groups of playersgroups… The casual gamers, the trolls, the haters, and the players who really don’t play at all.

I want to clarify this though. “Casuals” does not meet the same standard as the rest of those. Casuals are people who have other things in life to do rather than spending their time on games all the time, and may only get one or two matches in, And as such, they aren’t as skilled, and often care less about winning than the dedicated players and professionals, and play to have a good time.

Trolls are the players who intentionally make the playing experience miserable for everyone involved. These players often take advantage of broken ranking systems (Looking at you here TC,) to prevent others from ranking up just for the laughs.

The haters are similar to the trolls in that they intentionally make the playing experience miserable, However, they try to run everyone out of the game because they dislike it. Or quit constantly similar to the next group. We’ll call it a subclass of trolls…

The people who really don’t play at all… they’re usually people with bots running, are quitting constantly, or join and do nothing the whole match, I’m pretty sure this is mostly bots though.

However, ignore those last three. Today, we need to focus on the sweats and the casuals. To the sweats: It’s time to stop caring solely about yourself, annd to the casuals: It’s time to stop whining because everyone is better than you.

Instead, right now is the time to work together and think on level ground, not as sweats or casuals, but as fellow gamers, to make an enjoyable experience for everyone, pros and noobs alike. However, divided, we have less sway over the future of gears than we do if we stand together. Remember we are the majority of gamers.

So Now that that is out of the way, let me say why I made this thread.

This is a discussion in it’s purest form. What this thread is for is to start something… how we could fix this game. The biggest issue at play here currently is the ranking system, and if you’ve seen my previous posts, you’ll know my thoughts.

To those who haven’t… Basically, my proposed ranking system fix is a ranking system that doesn’t penalize for losing a match, yet still rewards winning them. Points are given fairly, based on individual player participation… In other words, Player A is responsible for his rank, and Players B, C, D, and E, who are teamed with them, will not be affected by what player A does, and so on. Points are given by playing the objective, how many kills you get and so on. In this system, Players B, C. D, and E will not be penalized because Player A is ruining the experience, isn’t as good, or just flat out doesn’t play. Instead losing just gives you the points that you earned through gameplay. In other words, if you lose, you will still progress, but an afker will get nothing. If you win, the entire team reaps the benefits, with a winning bonus, perhaps even having a win streak bonus to encourage newcomers to want to win, and keep afk leeches from going afk.

In this way, both casual and competitive players benefit positively without harming each other.

This is but one thing I want to discuss here, other things are the weapon changes and how we could fix those properly. Think if this as… a trial of sorts. We have a topic, and everyone pitches in not to completely kill it off, but alter and change it accordingly to benefit the entire player-base.

So… I ask the community this… What do you think of said ranking idea? What would you change about it if anything? What wouldn’t you change? Once we finally agree on something at a large enough scale,group up and propose the idea to TC. Together, as a community, we can work together in this way to FIX Gears 5.

I didn’t read but a quarter of that and can earnestly say that these forums are largely ignored by TC; They all live on twitter. Fans could fix all their code for them, post it here with detailed instructions and TC would still willfully disregard it.

It makes just about any discussion (outside of an all out circle jerk praising them) a complete waste of energy.