A small warning/question regarding Public Horde

So, this may not be what you think it is. I have been searching for a Public match occasionally recently on Horde, only because I couldn’t find a lobby fitting my preferences without having bad ping, and found that the framerate was not only bad for no reason, it also was not steady whatsoever and eye jarring. Nowhere near the 60 the One X is supposed to run Horde at.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, it did not happen at all until TC updated the game on October 1st. Meaning that it is something that was introduced with it as I experienced little to no frame drops in Public Horde matches prior. Custom matches run completely fine, this is only an issue in Public. Guess it’s just another reason for me to not join those. But can anyone else confirm if this is an issue only I encounter or if it’s more than one case?

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I have definitely experienced this and ever after restarting the console doesn’t fix this. Have this problem in campaign and before it was always 100% 60fps smooth but something happened. Also not long after the update I had a really bad average 30fps and this is on an Xbox One so the game should be optimised for it and it is but there is still glitches.

Reminds me of when I built my first computer and needed to update all the drivers and software to latest version and it was so glitchy and slow and had display problems.

Odd. I only experienced this in Horde, in Public matchmaking. Not in custom or public Escape nor Campaign when I did my Insane playthrough. Seems like it’s not just limited to one mode then…