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A small update on the way and end of Season

(JGrayBKK YT) #1

Couple of updates that i know about the game now.

  1. Last week i tried to get info on the game and one of the people working with it said GPop is on the DL as of now, until Global release.
  2. Today there is a small match making update that will take place. Im super excited about this, as it means they are working on the game ^.^
  3. The season will be ending in 8 days. This could be a good time for global release , or just a big updare.


News was posted 2 days ago about that game at
IDK if it has any pop ups or redirects there since I use extensions AdBlocker Ultimate and uBlock Origin to keep that 3rd party script stuff from loading on a page. You can always look at it in view-source: or Google Cache instead.

(JGrayBKK YT) #3

That is a super awesome read. Thanks for that!


Your welcome. I found it boring though since I hate to read.