A small request... Red> Orange

Please go back to red color schemes ( LEDS, weapon skins, etc) for Swarm/Locust. That is all.



Red > Orange.

Always wished we got Red Phantom Skins instead of orange!

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Have to agree with the red color.

Why not both?

Not my pic. But it does look like Red Phantom and orange LED lights. You can tell the difference between red and orange in this one.

It might be orange LED lights but the outer glow is red.

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That’s a good picture but normally, they do look orange.

I’d like to see a nice Red !

It could be scarlet instead, which is bright red. Can be confused with orange.

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Yep, that looks worse. But could it be something do with colour, contrast, brightness? I’ll have to boot up Gears 4 and see how it looks on my screen.

Looking at it,

The picture you posted seems to be the original design.

TC did do an update.

They said they were going to make them “more detailed and see through”.

With the update, they appeared more orange ever since.

It’s definitely not any visual setting because that would distort the rest of the picture.

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Mine looks more orange. Yours is pale.

That’s just a screenshot from a YouTube video.

I imagine it’s non-HDR.

Yours could be HDR.

Did you have brightness in options, all the way up? Mine right now looks similar to yours, on maximum brightness. But I normally play at around 45% brightness like the picture I uploaded.

Idk, it’s not my game / video.

From what I can remember, mine doesn’t look that dark nor that bright.

But I just remember it being orange.

Is that what they used to look like? I agree. Red is 10000x better. I always wondered why they were orange

That’s the original blocky design before TC swiftly updated them.

Old Town is known for having a different brightness / color calibration.

My vote goes for red team.