A small problem with the new Gears allies about the conversion EXP

Well, I had my achievement for playing with 4 allies lvl 5 in January if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, with the new Operation my allies got to level 6.

The “problem” is that I have a friend who was almost allies lvl 4 before op4, now he is lvl 7.

With my boosting crew we played only Coop vs AI, but with my friend we play only Horde or Escape. The only logical explanation is that now escape and horde award more allies EXP than versus.

Someone knows? I read on another topic that escape give you less allies EXP

The values were completely changed as per the recent patch notes

The link vas a value of old versus new ranks for it.

  • Updated Gears Allies to be a more rewarding process and added 5 new levels on top to give an additional +5% XP boost (+15% is the new max in the system).
Name Level Points Op4 Points Sum XP Bonus
Not Yet allies 0 0 0 0%
New allies 1 25 25 2%
Casual Ally 2 125 150 4%
United Allies 3 250 400 6%
Close allies 4 750 1150 8%
Veteran Allies 5 1000 2150 10%
Epic Allies 6 2500 4650 11%
Noble Allies 7 5000 9650 12%
Legendary Allies 8 7500 17150 13%
Heroic Allies 9 10000 27150 14%
Gears Family 10 20000 47150 15%

Escape now only gives 7 instead of 10 per chapter for some reason (undocumented)


Thanks for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

When I play today, I’ll spend some minutes to see at what gears allies level are the rest of my friends. Maybe I have another friend with more level than my boosting crew :sweat_smile:

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Gridiron Co-op vs AI gives 10 per round for an easy and quick 70 per match :slight_smile:


I wonder why they nerfed Escape, 10 was already low enough. Maybe because Escape is too easy now?


Thanks. I’ll do this for my Friday session. Now requirements have been dropped, going to grind out the Level 5 achievement.

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Not sure, but co-op versus AI just got a TON easier (both AI difficulty and adding in Gridiron) so it seems odd.

Thx Ghost. Yep just went from Level 0 to 5 in 3 and a half hours doing Gridiron. It takes 31 matches to complete. :slightly_smiling_face:

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For some reason now I can see the correct values for my original allies lvl 5. Now they are lvl 9, When I wrote the topic they were lvl 6.