A small problem with a cutscene

Look at Marcus, he has no gun, that’s a joke
Can this be fixed by patch?
I’m worried that if Gears’s gone gold already this must be hard to fix after release
Hope it’s just a render bug

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Probably just lagged out lol.


He’s on an East Coast server.

It maybe it got messed up when they out his beard back.


LOL that’s embarrassing

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He is holding a lancer. He just has the black phantom skin equipped. That skin is kind of hard to see you know :wink:

He should’ve gotten the UE :money_mouth_face:

This was likely older footage from months ago.

Since Nicole Fawcette is part of the Xbox Marketing team (I think she’s in a leadership position), it’s likely she took a few weeks, maybe a month or more, to edit the trailer. She seems like a busy person with lots of projects under her responsibility. Which would mean they had to supply footage to her well before the game was fully polished, just so she could start piecing things together.

We’ll see if this is in the final cutscene.

Anybody else remember the Boomers firing Boomshots like Mulchers in the “Rendezvous With Death” trailer?

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