A small happy thread about playing some Escape

So yesterday i hosted some Escape runs on The Clock and had the lobby open.
I play as a maxed out Infiltrator because that class can solo The Clock with it’s eyes closed.

I did a bunch of runs with four random players i met yesterday for a few hours who were really, really great.
They didn’t hog all the ammo, or run ahead triggering everything and just generally played very well.

But today… i’ve never been so triggered playing Escape.
I’ve probably played with ten people in the last few hours and every single one has been so annoying.

Let me explain some of the dumbness.

I host a open lobby, i do two Master runs on my own, no problem.
I finish the run go back to the lobby and another player joins, a level 17 Pilot.
I wait a little bit before starting in case he wants to change his class, he changes his class to a level 19 Infiltrator.
If he wants to level that class that’s totally fine, so i change my class to Anchor as we don’t need two Infiltrators.

I start the game, he runs of to the safe room to i assume pickup the Gnasher and ammo.
I kill all the enemies ahead of me and noticed he’s picked up the Markza and Hammerburst but not the Gnasher.

We did finish the run after failing like seven times, because the guy only ended up killing four enemies, FOUR.
But hey if people aren’t great or know fully what their doing that’s totally fine with me, i’ll still try and help them.

After the run ends he leaves and two other people join, a level 20 Mechanic and then a level 20 Brawler.
I change my class back to Infiltrator and start the game. I pickup the Gnasher and grab only one box of ammo.
Because the Brawler picked up the Hammerburst and grabbed the other two ammo boxes, alright… i guess.

We get to the checkpoint and start the next area, i’m doing the short route so you know.
I kill both Scions and all the Rejects while both guys run off to the safe room and close the door.
I have two Gnasher bullets left, i open the safe room and they’ve picked up all of the ammo.

The Mechanic has no weapons, just a Talon Pistol and the Brawler has a Hammerburst and a Boomshot.
Ok… well if we can complete the Hive i guess that’s fine, spoiler we don’t.

We respawn back in the checkpoint room.
The same scenario happens again, but this time when i open the door there’s one box of ammo left.
I go to pick the ammo up as i have 3 Gnasher bullets and the Mechanic roles in front of me and picks it up…
He only has a Talon Pistol… 100% this guy is trolling me at this point.
Guess what we die again as the class that can solo the hive with ease has no ammo.

We respawn in the checkpoint again, i go to grab the only ammo box as i only have nine Gnasher bullets.
The Brawler this time, who only has a Hammerburst roles in front of me and picks the only ammo up.

I’ll be honest, i just quit. Which is rare for me but at this point i’m convinced their trolling me.

I start up another lobby, a level 1 Architect joins very quickly. I wait a little and he doesn’t change class so i start.
I can solo the hive easily so whatever class or level someone joins as, i don’t care, i’ll play whatever.

I start the game and we both run into the saferoom, he finds the Gnasher and picks it up…
He then picks all three ammo boxes up and runs off and instantly dies to a Juvie.

I just let myself die and restart the run, while i was restarting a level 17 Mechanic joins.
This time i manage to grab the Gnasher, but all three ammo boxes got picked up, so i only have 4 Gnasher bullets.
Meanwhile the Mechanic player tries to run straight to the wrong checkpoint triggering all the enemies and dies.

I decide to quit to the lobby as i have no ammo and maybe people want to change their class.
I wait about 30 seconds to give them time just in case they want to change class/cards and they both quit, ok.

I wait in the lobby for a bit and then two Infiltrators join, level 14 and level 18.
I change my class again to Anchor as we don’t need three Infiltrators, i wait a little and then start the game.

Both of them run of to the saferoom while i go on ahead, i notice after a while their both still in the saferoom.
This is because their fighting over the Gnasher… one of them calls the other a word i can’t say and quits.
The guy who has the Gnasher instead of just playing, types “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL” and then also quits.

I quit to the lobby yet again in the hope the next players to join might actually be normal.

I change my class back to Infiltrator and start the game solo. While the game was loading a level 9 Tactician joins.
He types in chat to restart so he can change his class, so i quit to the lobby yet again.
He changes his class to a level 12 Brawler and then asks for me to “hold on” before starting.

I wait the best part of 10 minutes, don’t get another message from him and then he just quits…

At this point i’m kind of done trying with random people, but just as i go to quit another person joins.
A level 20 Marksman, i think ok, high level might know what he’s doing so i stay and start the game.

We both run to the saferoom and guess what he picks up the Gnasher…

I think ok, alright, fine… but after the last few hours i didn’t really feel like doing this all again.
So i shot him with my Talon a little to kind of say hey i’m an Infiltrator, you picked up the only Gnasher for a while.
He turns and looks at me for 5 seconds and just quits without dropping the Gnasher.

Pain, actual pain. I decided to just do the Master runs on my own and have had no problems completing it.
In fact i world argue it’s quicker to do it solo as an Infiltrator if you’re doing the short route.

I think i’m going to title this thread as “small” for the sake of irony.
I’ll also add some Gifs because i know it’s a lot to read and most people have the attention span of a wet sock.


@AC_Wireless wonder if its the same one we had, similar behaviour

This Story is Funny :smile:.

Showing How Inexperienced they are while you’re having an Hour playing Nothing.

We’ve all been there, played incon horde on turbine the other day, i was a lvl 20 marksman.

There was a lvl 11 veteran who decided to throw my longshot on the floor and replace it with an ice cannon on the locker. Needless to say i bin the ice cannon and replace my longshot…

I then go out to pick up an other longshot so i have 2, comes back and theres now a retro and a lancer on locker and my longshot is gone.

Ends up i have no longshot as this potato is using it, and thats when i quit.

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Once I was playing with two lvl 20 re-up 50 players using marksman and pilot on the gauntlet and i was using protector but even when they were all maxed the only one getting kills was me and in a certain point a protector can’t do anything against bastions shielding big enemies so we got wiped like 5 times until I quit because the marksman always got downed while aiming like a minute then missing his shots, the worst part was that he got all the ammo, longshot and Markza and he couldn’t even kill a bastion, the pilot was a noob too, i hate when there are players with maxed accounts that only play pve and even against bots they are trash, they should play lower difficulties instead of hosting lobbies on master asking for high lvl players

Shame I can’t play Jack on escape, the grinding for cards would be much easier for him especially playing on clock.

Unfortunately, it’s only horde that I have to grind on.

brawlers really are the ■■■■■■■ of escape

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…I main Brawler

Random Brawlers are dog ■■■■ most of the time. Ones played well are brilliant though.

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You should mention our super secret difficulty modifier we have to deal with anytime we do esecape runs.


Malfunctioning flashbangs… yeah totally.

I totally don’t get migraines dealing with total shenanigans.

im sorry to hear that

hueh hueh hueh

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