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A Sincere and Honest Thank You to TC Developers

Thank you for listening to us. Thank you for hearing our response, and not giving us some crappy compromise solution.

Thank you for simply taking the suggestions we made and making everyone happy on the other end of the feedback.

You done good team, and you have this player, and I’m sure many other’s, sincere gratitude.

To balance that - Maybe just run drastic changes by us on twitter or in the forum before you drop them on us. I HIGHLY, and STRONGLY recommend you screen the PvE balance changes with us before dropping them.

We have extremely experienced/knowledgeable people here who can help you tweak them before they go live, please consider us as your personal feedback resource. Much love.


I concur.

I’m going to refrain from giving thanks though. Not because I’m a hard-to-please embittered hateful kinda person, but because this change was in my opinion, so absurdly silly that it should never have happened in the first place. Also, from my reading of TC’s blog, the XP levels for Master difficulty are not being rrestored to what it was before - am I reading that correctly?

The community are capable of giving coherent and well thought ideas (as well as reactionary illogical rants!) so do consider surveys and polls or any other way of getting our views. Fans on the whole love GOW as a franchise and while GOW5 hasn’t lived to many of our expectations we do want that to change and to succeed.


Correct man . we do have them… I fully endorse this comment 100% :slight_smile:

TC has done a great job this week both correcting their mistakes and fixing the Gnasher. More fixes coming next week. It seems like TC is turning a corner. Great job TC!


But, but, Ryan said numerous times that when they play Horde they play at a “very high level”,so they think they know all this without needing any input from us :wink:

(This came up when discussing heros, uktimates, character restrictions, etc)

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I’m pleased with the corrections for sure. I just think that if they had consulted the community or used their common sense, they could have avoided that altogether.

Maybe I’m using a poor analogy here, but it’s a bit like a murderer saying sorry for murdering someone - all very well but the ideal situation is to not do a murder, and if you need support to not do a murder, then please seek it out from us because we will happily advise you not to do a murder.

Or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


This sounded like Malcom X … I’m impressed man @Bleeding_Pepper

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What I cannot understand is how ryan said this:

Then they removed difficulty multipliers.

I posed this question to him on twitter along with this clip a moment ago:

Question. How is it that ryan had this attitude about higher difficulty, but you guys though it would be okay to remove the difficulty multipliers? I’m just curious about the thought process that lead up to tuesdays MPXP update. I think clarification would go a long way

@TC_Octus I want to add on to this- I think it is clear now more than ever that you guys need a PvE feedback team to relay updates to for screening/input. Can you guys have a discussion about this on the team and let us know what you think in light of this week’s changes/response to them?


I think a robbery is a better anology.

They robbed something, they got told it was bad to do it, and they put it back.

This could have been avoided if they had asked if robbing the thing would have been okay in the first place lol


From TC Blog: “we have returned the difficulty multiplier curve with upped rates across all difficulties except Master”

My reading is that Master remains the same as before and everything else gets upped rates except master. No upped XP love for master for whatever reason (my guess would be to keep to those re-up rewards as far away from players as possible in order to keep boost sales).

I couldn’t care less about XP since I only play versus and when it comes to totems, the OP Pack is a guaranteed buy for me, but it’s good to see TC taking such a fast response.

They changed from 2x versus xp to 3x versus xp.

Maybe now, more people will feel less pressured to buy the OP pack.

I’m surprised they responded so favorably to the consumer in this case.

They are essentially losing some money to be consumer friendly here.

Very good move for their reputation.

IMO they got squeezed by MS for not enough store sales, and they thought they could sell more boost this way…

Will we even know? No… but they are not stupid, despite what people here post, so this wasn’t a random oopsie…

Very possible.

I think Octus may respond to my inquiry at some point. I am curious to know the thinking that lead up to this change, and if they will establish a feedback team. That or run things by the whole community.

Read the breakdown in the separate link. There is a gradual increase across all difficulties leading up to Master which is still the highest rate at 5x XP.

Meanwhile PVP has been increased by 3x.

They actually did a good job with this.


Agreed. Good job guys.
This has been a good week, 500 iron for cyclops and removeable of baird bleeding barriers aside.

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I would be surprised if they ever gave a meaningful answer, beyond what was advertised with the original announcement. There’s no need, really, they reverted/undid it, back to regularly scheduled programming…



You would be surprised.

I have a long history of receiving surprising transparency from developers.

Sometimes they really WANT the players to know why they did things, why they messed up, or what lead up to design changes etc. It just isn’t feasible to have that process be transparent at all times.

Personally, while I am grateful that they have chosen to revert this decision, and even went beyond with it by increasing overall XP even more for PvP and PvE(except for Master), because there was no obligation for them and it was mostly to be favorable towards the playerbase - I’m remaining on the cautiously optimistic side because to me, seeing this decision go through creates a dangerous ground for more “solutions” or ideas of this type, eg not being logical and just screwing almost everybody over. Don’t know how to put it better so I hope you get the idea.

I don’t see what else can go wrong,

The XP thing was kind of possible, but wasn’t expecting global XP reduced.

Which is why I asked octus to clarify the thought process/re-introduce the idea of screening ideas with a feedback team or the community.