A simple idea for PC version keybinds

Gears of War 4 supports left and right inputs of the scroll wheel, but they’re recognized as the up and down. My suggestion for Gears of War 5 is for these to be actually keybinds and get rid of the weapon selection column to adopt the traditionnal cross as default.

The wheel selection has its flaws: when you do an action that changes your weapon without scrolling (plant a grenade, stow in the locker, pick a map weapon), the “column” still thinks you have the previous weapon. So, when you scroll again to select another weapon, it’s never what you actually want and, unlike pressing the cross button with the controller, the swapping animation of the wrong weapon has to end before it swaps to the one you have selected. Not good when you’re in a hurry in Versus or Horde.


True, but you shouldn’t be using the scroll wheel to switch weapons anyway. Number keys boi

Or a true gaming mouse :slight_smile:

I’ll never get used to number keys. Shadow Warrior is annoying to play because of that.

I have a G502.

Scimitar myself. Have enough buttons to tinker with :slight_smile:
Haven’t tried Logitech.