A Seriously Important Announcement


Yes, this is a very important announcement. Look what finally popped:

Now I know what you’re thinking. “And what? Woop-dee-doo! Big deal. Do you want a medal?”. Well first of all, yes I do want a medal. But I’m making this thread out of the sheer torment this has brought on loved ones. I have a daughter, 3 today (yes, perfect timing for the achievement), and a son, 5 weeks old yesterday.

So basically I’ve had little to no free time for the whole of Gears 5 when you combine it with a job. Anyway, my absolute COMMITMENT to the dailies and specifically CXP caused many an argument and even made me get up an hour earlier than usual for work, 5am. I’m not a morning person :joy:.

But I digress, I’m rambling on. This should’ve unlocked a month ago, perfectly and luckily timed before my son was born but it was stuck at 99% despite meeting all requirements. Yes I done all the resets but no luck. So I managed to do every map Wave 50-only, mostly whilst holding a newborn, and mastered some Hives. Today I did Jingle Juvies on Blood Drive and Allfather’s Arena and upon resetting it popped :joy:.

After I done a mediocre backflip I figured I’d share my pain.

And without further ado, I can’t make a thread without mentioning those that thankfully took the time to help me out:

First and foremost, a massive thanks @GhostofDelta2 - My main compadre. You’ll be forever a great friend and legend for the endless time you contributed to me almost daily for the dailies as well as general Frenzy runs, Escape Hives, MULTIPLE Surge runs and the odd Versus match :joy:. The banter and laughs along the way certainly eased the pain of the godawful randoms my lobbies attract!

Now the rest of you who helped either actuall in-game on even here on the forums by listing the dailies (which was helpful):


(Forum limitations allow me to mention 10 users only, I’ll continue the list in responses.)

Virtual drinks on me!

Have a good one :+1:




@Bleeding_Pepper (you were in my original draft, not sure what happened)

If there’s anyone I missed, then you know who you are and I thank you as well.


Now you can spend time with the family


Congratulations :+1:

With this are you finished with the achievements or do you want/have to unlock versus too?

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From one GB to another, not mentioning the fact we both love our Royal leader…great stuff mate, no only on your “achievement” as a Gearhead but a daddy as well. :trophy::wink::+1::grin:

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I’m just glad I’ll never have any children to take up my time. I don’t have the patience to tolerate them and would probably just end up calling them pests half the time.


You can always count on Ghost for help and companionship.

I’m always happy to help as well.


Damn man. Congrats.

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Nerd. Touch grass. :nerd_face:


Awwwe yay congrats. It’s been 5 weeks already :heart:
Thanks for all the fun party Chats with little to no sleep :wink:

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See this is exactly how you never made the list, Kyle!

(I’m joking, we still haven’t had a Horde match :joy:)

Unfortunately yes, I still have the overly grindy Versus achievements to do. Both are halfway there. There’s methods but I’m really dreading it!

Haha you know it! Cheers mate :fist_right::fist_left:

I remember those days thinking that same thing. I don’t really have the patience either but somehow you manage. You surprise yourself in many ways what you can do and how you cope with a baby.

He never lets down in those department :+1:.

I know, I especially appreciated you and Ultra clearing the waves quickstyle on District when I was a low level Combat Medic :joy:.

Cheers lad :+1:.

Why would I? I’m not a sheep! :grin:

Thanks, it’s been quick :joy:

No problem, pleasure was all mine :joy:. I’m sure I’ll be back at somepoint to join in on the unique banter you lot come up with!


While I find my contribution to be some what minor I am happy to know it has helped any forum members along the way.

You are most certainly welcome.

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Minor?! It’s mostly because of you I knew if the dailies were worth either getting up early or trying to fit in somewhere!

You also continued to notify me of that juicy CXP despite the occasional friendly death threat. Now that is commitment, lad. :joy:

There was always this wee gem too:

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Well now when you put it like that this achievement was only possible because of me lol.

Happy to hear you finally got that aneurism achievement out of the way and thank you.

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I can’t help but notice someone copied and pasted the exact same picture in there six times… despite there being plenty of CXP source material available. I only noticed to see if there was any coincidental triple health enemies in there as well, given that others like to refer to it as the “juice” as well.

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Yes well, I couldn’t be annoyed updating it each time!

Though I do truly take full credit for CXP bring called “juicy”. It really was!

So… does this mean that you’re going to work on maxing out all skill cards…? A new kind of juice?

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I forgot that’s more of a Welsh thing. Close enough I guess? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Congrats on the achievememt while maintaining the family life!

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