A revamp/overhaul/buff to scrap/supply drops NEEDS to happen!

The new scrap system is practically unusable. You earn only one item from supply drops, you don’t earn supply drops very often, and yet the scrap values are still the same from GOW4.

In GOW4, the values were understandable because you could get a ridiculous amount of duplicate cards and scrap with the loot box system they had, and you had credit bounties to complete as well which gave you even more potential scrap from buying more packs. Don’t misread me and see this as a call to return to that system, I’m just pointing out how scrap was actually able to be USED and it was in abundance in that game.

In gow5, you only get scrap from supply drops, you cannot scrap duplicate cards from horde and escape, and if you play like 2-3 matches to get one supply drop just to get 5 scrap, that is 159% not worth it.

In addition to the unbelievablly slow rate of scrap intake, we are forced to spend 100 scrap JUST to get the ability to unlock a character for free, on top of all the other grind we have to do. I don’t care about the grind, the new 30k xp as the only requirement is great, but totems are SO expensive in the context of this game. The chance for someone to spend that scrap on a skin they want or upgrading a crucial ability is nigh impossible because of how slow you get scrap and how much you need to spend just to get a character. All I ask, for an easy change, is to dramatically up the amount of scrap you get from duplicate items. That way you don’t have to change any systems too much. I feel like the values need to be multiplied by 4-5 to properly match what diminished returns we have gotten between this game and GOW4, an average pack in GOW4 gave like 4-5 cards, so if you reduce our average card amount to only one, you NEED to give us 4-5 times more scrap for duplicates.

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