A REAL Solution to the Melee (constructive)

Glad they listened and have made some changes but it’s not enough. If I wanted to melee I’d play a fighting game and not a shooter. Keep making changes but here is the solution you should consider: revert melee back to Gears 4 setting for Ranked playlist; keep tuning it and showing whatever you want with it for Quickplay/Casual.

If you need the crutch, go play a Quickmatch. If you feel you’ve got enough skill SHOOTING, then hop into Ranked without the melee to assist you. This way, everyone is happy.

Again, this is a SHOOTER. Melee shouldn’t even have been considered to have the slew of changes it had. Why they wanted to make it viable is beyond me. Do what you will for Quickplay but revert it to Gears 4 mechanics for ranked.