A quick survey for those having chronic problems w/multi-player

That is a good question, and one I dont know the exact answer to. Hopefully this can be answered on a dev stream.

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Quite honestly, if that is the case, that explains why stupidly high ping players perform so well. They see us where we are, but we(low ping) wont really ever see them where they are…they in essence are playing in real time, while we are playing in the past but trying to hit someone in the future. Jeez

That would be impossible. High ping players can never see where low ping players truly are because just as it takes time for their information to get to the server, it also takes time for the server’s information to get back to them.

N0deZero said the server checks the shot for "approximate correctness ", he would explain what he meant by that but it looks like the game gives the higher ping the benifit of the doubt over the lower ping i.e the server will "trust " the higher ping more often.

I could have sworn I read him saying something similar in that thread he was in and he said something like “the community asked for it to be this way”

It certainly feels like it doesn’t matter if I line shots up, if their screen didn’t show it didn’t happen. What I see on my low ping end seems to be not trusted at all by the server.

In 1v1 situations it also feels like the game checks with your opponents end before firing shots, leading to ghost shots, guns not shooting and delayed shots.

Let me clarify…when I say high ping, im referring to inferior ping. When I say low ping, in saying lower numbers, meaning better ping. So, while the player with good ping is pretty much moving around with little latency,the player with garbage ping is never really where he appears on the screen to the player w/ better ping b/c his info takes so much longer to be processed. But TC allows for some latency(to help the players with connections that are inferior). But this only helps the player w/bad ping, as the computer can allow for delays on his end b/c it knows where.the player w/ good ping is b/c his info ia coming in steady and in just about real time. But, it cant allow for latency for the player w/a good connection, b/c essentially the player w/garbage ping hasn’t even gotten to where he is going to go b/c his info is delayed so much.
I know that sounds confusing. You can’t speed up a slower connection. But you can adjust for latency between the slower player and the faster player. The server tracks where the better connected player was, and then adjust for delays in signal transmission. But it doesn’t work the opposite b/c then you would just be guessing the future movement of the player w/better ping. You have no idea where he “might go”. You can only adjust for a slower speeds. Not for faster. Unless you slow down the player w/the better connections ping to make their speeds equal. But, data centers are there so that everybody connects too and plays in matches w/people in a generally close proximity to each other to keep everybody’s ping pretty close to each other. The discrepancies come in when they throw somebody into your match whose on the other side of the country, or world, or someone playing on an unstable connection. Then they will have an easier time hitting you than you will have hitting them. They know where you “have been”, but you won’t know where they “might be going”. Peace.

I think its even worse than that. Higher ping players are seeing the past, the factually checkable, you were there past. As such they are able to shoot you and have it always count.
Whereas the lower ping guy is shooting at the servers prediction of where it thinks the guy is and what it thinks he’s doing. The problem then arises that the other guys game says ‘hey I’m not there, he missed’ and our end just goes ok cool, even when you hit him on.

The server prediction is frankly awful, I’ve often seen correct a players position when the guy is just 10ms slower than me.

@presc1ence I’m in agreement w/you. Imo, this is why there has been so much “ghosting of shots” and poor hit reg. And you are right…players with excellent ping and very stable connections,…the server knows exactly where you have been and tracks it. So if the player who is latent shoots at you, they get a hit marker b/c its exact(and bullet magnetism). But, as you said, flipping it around, you are asking a computer to “see the future, or predict the future”…and that is obviously not “exact” and is all based on net code as well( or as they say “the human element”.) Imo, if they are gonna allow for large gaps in latency, then the gaps need to be just as wide for “predicting”. If you don’t you are now punishing a player w/a good stable connection. The real answer is to not allow these large discrepancies w/ping, or kick the player whose connection isn’t stable…By altering things and changing things that players have been asking for, and bringing some players back into the player base, we won’t have these problems. Just keep players in their data center, kick wildly fluctuating connections, and enlarge the player base.


I once saw someone with close to 6900ms ping… yes, that’s almost 7 SECOND of ping, hahaha…

Obviously it was early on and an extreme case…

But 300+ms pings were common…

Haven’t played much ranked recently, I think between 150-175 was the highest I’ve seen lately…

This person w 6900ms ping…was he on the moon? I mean…that is garbage. Lemme try to shoot guessing where you might be 7 seconds from now…I understand programming latency parameters for ping gaps of 20 to 30 MS. Not 6900…these seem like pretty standard and easy filters to implement.

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Doesnt feel like it’s just shots, movement in general gets screwy when you are near high pings.