A quick survey for those having chronic problems w/multi-player

Taking a survey to try to figure out some common denominators w/people having chronic problems with multi-player…
Do you play over wifi, or a hardwired ethernet connection? If you know your internet speed up and down throw that into the mix as well. … thanks

Dial-up bruh


So 56 k …well then, we know your problem. Turn caller id off…

I was joking I’m on like 300meg hardwired

Yea…i figured …do you have lots of probs with verses? I am on 300 meg hardwired fiber and I have very little issues with performance.

Na not really, I usually have about 18 ping and for the more unpopular game types because there’s not enough players around the UK I get put on American servers, I get about 80 ping, which is kinda playable.

Yep…im kinda leaning toward peoole playing over wifi having all the problems

hahahahahhaa this is insane man ahahaha


I play over a 100 mb lan connection.

with that Im able to send emails, play gears of war and watch funny videos on youtube :slight_smile:

It might be insane. i told you already im deranged. Problem is anybody playin over wifi very rarely admits…and very rarely do they even acknowledge that playing over wifi is far from providing an optimal experience. They just have the mindset that hey, “ive got a good connection. It cant be my wifi thats the problem.” I was a telecom tech from 1999 to 2014. And yea…it is a big part of the problem. Play single player stuff all day long. But if your gonna play online games…wire it up or dont complain. Latency kills you.


I have major issues with PvP but only when there’s higher pings present. Obviously fluctuations make it even worse.

I’m on a 100% Symmetrical Gigabit Fiber connection. Hard wired into my router to my PC.

My ping is always steady. But I’ve noticed that if I have a sub-30ms I’ll experience a lot of ghost shots, wall sticks, movement issues and teleporting if some is above 80 or fluctuating a lot. These issues become less frequent if my ping is 40ms and above.

Not sure what voodoo magic TC implemented here but it’s annoying.

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In Fortnight, Epic implemented a"digital coin flip" in an attempt to mitigate ping discrepancies between players who were building and battling and “trying to take a wall” .the reason was because the player w/better ping always took the wall, therefore having an advantage . Part of me wonders if TC has put something in the netcode to try to mitigate ping discrepancies that has unfortunately not worked as intended and has given the player w/worse ping an advantage.

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Of course they implemented it, all shots are handled on client side (which causes ■■■■ like someone with 200 ping can sometimes down you after you got into cover, cause on his screen you are not in cover) and server checks the probability of some shots.
Edit: I’ve made a mistake about Ryan Cleaven post. Misunderstood its meaning.


I admit I plan on wifi
Do i get a cookie? :cookie:


2 cookies…
@bmbr1990 I don’t mean this flippant. I’m generally curious…what does “by popular demand” mean regarding favoring the higher ping player?

Im with you. There is something to it.

Ryan Cleven never said that just F YI. I think the misquote is talking about how one player can be around cover and safe on their screen but be hit by another player who on their screen landed the shot.

The point was that you have to have some allowance for latency. In situations like I described above if the higher ping player is the second in the scenario they benefit from this allowance.

Yes on that part I’ve misunderstood Ryan post, thats my bad, just edited and removed all related post. And, most important, big appologies to Ryan.

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I was not expecting that, fair play to you Sir :slight_smile:

As politely as I can ask, how much latency are we allowing for if 1 player can be behind cover while another player is still seeing them “not in cover”.? That’s an awful lot of latency.

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