A question with the punishments in Matchmaking

I have always played social games and today with a friend we have decided to play competitive teams duel, in a game that we were going to start an error we kicked out of the game and then we were not allowed to join, we were penalized with 15 minutes unfairly and after that we played more games but this time in social, just one game in matchmaking after.

I read that when they penalize you they take away credits when finishing games later, is it true? My friend and I have noticed that they do not take away credits or at least we have not realized it yet,

We have only been penalized 1 time, the credits are removed when finishing games when you stop playing many games, just once or as it really is??

Credit and xp penalties apply to excessive quitting.

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So if it’s only happened to us once, there’s no problem?

There should not be. I have been booted out of matches many times and only ever receive a 15 minute penalty. Now the more you quit, the more the time goes up and will be followed with xp and credit penalties as well.

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Thanks for the help! I really do not think that I will play competitive games again until these types of mistakes are not solved, they are very unfair

The odd 15 min suspension doesn’t deter me from playing ranked. If that’s enough to stop you then maybe ranked just isn’t for you because there are far more greater frustrations from competitive play than the odd 15 minute breather.

What really bothers me is being suspended unfairly