A question in regards to FFA in Gears 5

Hey all.

Saw the trailer for Operation 2, and it’s packed with all the kind of stuff I could’ve hoped for. Still, it begs the question. Are characters selectable for FFA, or is it randomized? Not a huge deal, but I do like being able to choose at my leisure who I’m going to be slaughtering people with. Any answers will be appreciated.

Probably we’ll be able to chose like other versus. Even arcade lets you have multiples of a character; only PvE restricts you.

Valid point.

They have no reason to limit who you can play as, they did in Judgment was because there were no Locust in PvP. Everybody is an enemy in FFA, so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you see someone, you can shoot them.

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Very true.

I’m more interested in if it will have a ranked mode or is it going to just be a bot fest

Thought they said it will be a ranked mode a little while after.


I’ll bet most of the characters selected will be locust / swarm. I’m excited to see the new maps with 14 players.

Yup, they did


Yeah well I’m pleased with that