A question for the delta squad 1-50 / 1-25 achievement

So does the achievement work if all the characters are random like zombie dom, black steel cole , v day marcus, and etc.

In my group, we had Gears 4 Marcus, Commando Dom, Thrashball Cole, E-Day Anya and Classic Baird I think.


It don’t say otherwise so should be all variations.

I only need any and baird hopefully will try it tonight if I get time.

Be warned, I did this 1-25 run on Clocktower on Casual and no one got the achievement. I looked it up and 1-25 can be glitched sometimes.

I highly recommend just starting wave 50 immediately and Sniper Striking / Hammer of Dawning the round. That’s how I got it. You only have to beat the last wave.


Good to know, will be doing this tonight or tomorrow.

Off topic but any tips on the “On you like a butt crack” achievement? The lag makes it very difficult to achieve because in 9 matches myself nor my teammate have really gone down. I have 0 of these in 9 victories.

Edit: Done. I did Wave 50 on Casual.

The only advice I have is play with a trash teammate. Seriously my teammate is always good and doesn’t go down either :joy: but I naturally bait teammates when they’re down anyway so I’ll get it eventually. I’ve tried letting the enemy down my teammate but they just won’t do it even if I tell them to get a free down lol

Ugh, not what I was hoping to hear. I don’t even like this mode so hoping for something that’s out of my control to happen on a short time is frustrating. I don’t want to play this beyond my 25 victories but at this rate it’ll take 200 matches for this to happen. :cry:

Too bad playing with a trash teammate isn’t really an option. My friends are generally above average and I don’t play with random players. Maybe I’ll wait until a 2v2 Social playlist comes and try and coordinate it.

Yeah I kind of wish the achievement was for reviving teammates or killing the enemy while they were down. I’ve lost a couple of rounds trying to let them down my teammate and I’m still only at 2/10 in 10 games lol. It’s not that bad but I don’t like being forced to play a specific mode

This is awesome to know, I’m not big on horde so itd be nice to have a quick in and out. Now only if I could just find 4 other people who are willing to use certain characters for one casual wave…

I don’t suppose any chance of getting this with randoms in public would be feasible, yeah? There’s always like 3 Baird’s, a Carmine and a some variant of JD/Kait lmao.

Don’t even bother in public. Do an Xbox LFG. I got 3 people in a couple mins.

Also doing it in public means you can’t start at 50 lol

Lmao, yeah I forgot about that. I’ll do LFG later tonight. Thanks man.

Edit- just got it. 50th wave on casual on Raven Down. Had a little help from Krylon and his buddy. We ran into a dude who wanted to do the achievement by doin all 25 waves of Boss Rush on insane and wouldn’t budge when we told him it could be done in 5 minutes our way. Then we all was like uh-uh, I’m outta here lol.


That guy… I had no interest in doing 25 waves for something I already have. I tried to tell him but he all of a sudden wanted to do it so once you said you’re not in the mood for it that was it. Quick round and out is what my buddy wanted anywa.

Hi guys, you mention just jumping in on wave 50 to get the cheveo. Can I ask what is the point ? It literally means nothing to anyone surely ?

I suppose I am a bit of a reformed cheveo hunter, thankfully as it stops me doing arbitrary things for a picture/points.

I still enjoy when they pop but going out of my way to get them is mostly a thing of the past, even with Gears. This is the reason I can not being myself to play through the campaign several times.

Anyway, if you enjoy, all good. I was just curious as to why you have to cheese something that means nothing.

I would say because it’s arbitrary. We’ve all done 25/50 waves of horde plenty before and could just as easily do it again with specific skins on, so it’s not unreasonable to equally arbitrarily unlock these achievements.


Good question. There are some of us who arent big on horde and would just rather take any shortcut we can get so we can get back to our preferred mode (versus, in my case).

Why would I go out of my way just for some gamerscore that means nothing? Well for one, I am an achievement completionist, especially when it comes to Gears, as I have completed every Gears game to date (with the exception of Gears 2 jap version).

Achievement hunting on my favorite games is a nice way of taking a break from versus for instance, and maybe playing a little bit differently than I would usually do. But playing horde/campaign can get a little tedious after a while. So if they are easy enough, I would take the quickest way out. But as for the ones like ‘Do you even Lift?’ or ‘The Perfect Run’ horde-based ones, I’m glad to be able to say I did those legit.

Gamerscore/Achievements have different significant meaning to us, some of us are hell-bent on 100%ing our games, some just like to get as much on as many games as possible and some only go for certain achievements for bragging rights. I used to want to 100% as much FPS/arcade games as I could but that would be unrealistic given the free time I have within my timeframe of work, kids, sleep, etc so I just stuck with Gears and Trials games, and I’m looking forward to 100%ing Gears 5 as well.


It’s mostly just a completion thing with my favorite games. I don’t worry about achievements in most games but I enjoy Gears, Forza and Halo so much that I do everything I can to complete them. In the case of Horde achievements it’s mostly because I’m a PvP player with little interest in Horde but it’s something I had to do in order to complete the game. Don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed my limited time in Horde but it’s just too repetitive for me and I’ve done 1-50 plenty of times. It made no sense to be forced into it again with the only difference being retro-characters.